Wednesday, August 19, 2009

35 Weeks and The Name Game

Here I am. 35 weeks along and on the count-down!
I had my first prenatal appointment this week in which everything looked "boringly normal" according to the midwives.
It was my first and last appointment with them as we are planning to get ourselves back to Colorado to have this baby.
The midwives said my blood pressure was great, no edema, urine - perfect, baby head down, Baby's heart rate in the forties to fifties, and my weight... um. It was good. In fact, I gain weight really well. Seriously. If you only know me un-pregnant you might be skeptical, but just guess what it was when I consulted the scale.
Humor me! I'm looooong past being embarrassed about such things;-)

I feel very well thankyouverymuch. I am having a hard time leaning over my plate at dinner, carrying Carolina, walking, and rolling over in bed, but other than that I still sleep well (when I'm not trying to roll over), I'm staying cool in this beautiful North Idaho climate, and baby is moving enough to make his/her presence known. Such a blessing to know that little life is growing along fine!

As to names...

We don't have any nailed down yet. The children are a big help, and it's more fun than I would have imagined to see all their personalities in vivid color as they make suggestions.
Zachary, for instance, is a purest. He likes Bible names and the classic. His suggestions include: Mary, Jonathan, Isaiah, Deborah, and his favorite is David "which is nice because you can also call him 'Dave'".

Clay likes the Narnian characters and is for Caspian "as in King Caspian", and Olivia occasionally offers something fairly sensible such as Hailey or Jonah.

Susanna, on the other hand has a Teddy bear named "Pooky" and another named "Ja-Moe".
When making HER suggestions we often hear things like: "How 'bout 'Poppyseed Chicken'" or "We could call her 'Susanny', or 'Boobanny'..."

Suffice to say if I die in childbirth and AJ gets hit by a car before the birth certificate is signed, Zachary gets to name the child.

Susanna's help.

We never divulge the final decision until baby's birth, but if you'd like to participate, we're looking at girl names that end in the sound "ah".
Boys names are anything goes. I would sure like to hear the favorites (you aren't going to use; I don't want to get into trouble!) so leave me a comment.

Perhaps this is a good time to meet some of the lurkers?
Guess how much I weighed at the 35 week appointment (Clue: prepregnant weight was 110 lbs), and share some names with me.
It'll be fun!


random me said...

I can't comment on boys names...I have no boys and there is a destinct possibility we will have several and then I might think you stole it from me. Then I'll cry...or we'll have boys with the same name. I like classic boys names. Girls names ending in the "ah" sound....Georgia/Jorga, Sarah (duh), Sariah, Acacia, Alma, Hannah...ok those are some of my faves that we won't use if we have another girl.

Diane said...

Girl names ending in "ah" huh? How about...Diana. lol

Sorry, it's the first thing that came to mind lol. In all seriousness though. I've got my thinking cap on and will get back to you soon!

For now, I need some sleep!

Nite sis!

Jess said...

I Love Tobias for a boy but sadly DH is not so keen so it won't happen. Hannah is also a love of mine, but as we already have an "Anna" I doubt that will happen. Sarah is another favourite, I know it is quite "ordinary" but it is a classic and has such beautiful meaning. David Joel or Peter Andrew are lovely I think. When I was 14 I decided I wanted to name my children alphabetically so picked a name for every letter of the alphabet. The firstborn was going to be Abagail Bethia for a girl or Alexander Brendon for a boy. I was hoping to at least make it to an Owen!

petersonclan said...

We are also 35 weeks and having the name debate. For a girl we like either Ellie Jael or Abby Jael. (Pronounced Jay-Elle).

For a boy I like Ezra (The Bible says he studied the Word, Obeyed it, and taught it to the Israelites... great meaning!!!), but dh isn't too keen on it. He likes Titus. Silas, Elias, and Elisha are also on my list.

J said...

You are beautiful! Yes our children are getting excited about names also...
We have a girl name and no boy name here. I just hope its not what you choose!!!
Ok 35 weeks and coming back to Co sometime...perhaps this stresses me out b/c my babies arrive early. I would have to be somewhere by the time I turned 36 weeks!
When will we see you???

pinamarie said...

you look amazing! I have no good baby name ideas, and I am soooooo bad at guessing weights! I will try though. I think maybe you have gained about 43.4 pounds :)

Courtney said...

Well my dear friend - I am afraid I am not as good at the naming as you are since you did name our last baby ;) If we are blessed with another girl we were going to name her Hadassah but I would get over it if you wanted to use it. I really like the names others have suggested as well as Lydia or Sophia or Talitha ( which is used by Jesus - Mark 5:41 :) Hmm, boys names we keep using as we go. Though I do like Gabriel and Alexander. You look beautiful by the way! I would guess 155 for your weight but only because you told me you gain quite a bit. Love ya
Ps - for anyone wondering she named our youngest Titus ;)

Momma Bug said...

Dearest Pina marie, I think you can do better! :-D

Carrie, I like all those names - of course, I like all the names you already have:-) Ellie is wonderful. AJ likes Ellen, but my brother's little girl is Eleanor which seems a bit close to me (and yes, I know it doesn't end in a).
So... will your baby be on time or are you usually early or late?
I'll be praying for you with great empathy!

The rest of you are afraid to guess my weight gain aren't you?
I'm too far away to worry about! Ha-ha!

I love to share the names I have never gotten my Great Guy to seriously consider - I always figure SOMEONE should use them!
Thanks for yours:-)

Jenny, I don't look forward to riding in the car a long time, but don't feel anxious about it. I will have my home-birth supplies in the van anyway;-)
Four out of five were "on time" and one was two weeks early. As you know, I am more flexible than I've ever been as of the last year and a half. It doesn't seem worth borrowing trouble (unless it's an emotional day;-D)

Keep the names coming!

Mommy Reg said...

I've got serious brain block on names right now don't know why. But Jude for a boy would be cool. Or Cristiana for a girl. Those are the best ones I've got for now. But I'm not afraid to guess your weight. ;) I am guessing at 35 weeks you weigh 150. You look amazing, my beautiful friend.

momofbugs said...

Ethan and Joshua have always been my favorite boys names and I haven't been able to use them. We are happy with just girls though. I'll have to think about girls names for you....all mine end in a lee sound.

I'll say 150 and you have the cutest bump.

Shelly said...

Names, names, names, so important and so difficult. We have a beautiful little cousin and her name is Alandria, so naturally that name brings a smile. All of my girls (5) have the long e ending. What about Talia?
Mia? Sophia? Olivia? o.k--that's all I have.
I have one son and if the Lord chooses to bless me with another, I really love Ezra.
I love your blog.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family!
Shelly (Memphis, TN area)

Shauna said...

Okay, Lene, I'm going to be brave here and guess you weighed in at 167. Not that you look that big, but you are far enough away that I don't have to worry. Right?

Grace McHugh said...

I love how you look, thank you for continuing to post profile pictures of yourself. I love thinking about names. My great, great, great grandmother was named Lucinda. I love that name and would gladly share it with you. And if you like Beatrix Potter, that is also the name of one of the dolls in the Tale of Two very Bad Mice. The dolls are Jane and Lucinda. :)

Kim said...

Analene, I have been following you in my google reader. The reader is great, but I always forget to comment!

I've been doing my family tree (have some all the way back to the 1400's!) and I always think of you guys because the most popular name for the women on both sides of the tree is Susanna(h). To the extent that it is used just about every third name! Also popular: Isabella. And my sister's name is Katrina.

Also, I went to school with a very sweet little girl named Jericha (Jericho with an "a"). I just loved that name.

Katie said...

Well I will tell you our girl name because it ends in a and I would like to keep if for ourselves. Our girl name is Emma Claire and our boy name is probably Joshua Carter or Carter Joshua. Still unsure on that one though.

You look great and I am guessing you are around 155 only because I have heard you say how much you can during a pregnancy. I am right there with you and haven't been nearly as excited to post a profile pictures of myself. I am getting really excited about our upcoming home birth!

Momma Bug said...

Kim! Thanks for leaving a comment again - my blog is happier now:-)
I like that... Jericha...

Katie! I have been dying to hear how you are doing! I'm happy SOMEONE has a name nailed down! I love Emma Claire. It's beautiful.
Carter is great too... you know, I've tried to steer away form the C section in the name books because I LIKE so many C names for boys! I already have my Clayton, and another C, and then there's Carolina...
Another C wouldn't be all bad I guess. It's not like they're going to live together all their lives! ;-D

gramsie said...

Well, dear Ana, I thought I would stay out of this, but...can't resist :-) I do love Alexander, Peter, or Sam for boys names, and some girls names I like are Melissa--(I do love this one), also Miranda,Lisa,Katrina, Melinda,Tabitha...and my favorite (no "ah" on the end, though) is Maryanne.

Mama K. said...

It's so fun to talk names and I can't wait to hear what you choose. I have NO ideas for boys and never did - maybe it was the Lord's way of telling me I was having girls. ;)
But, for girls names...Alanna(h), Mariah, Lila, or Amelia. I'll try to come up with some more for ya. :)

Momma Bug said...

Mom and Kim, it is always a great honor and delight to have your comments on my blog!
I REALLY like those names! I think Sam would go nicely with the other boys names, and Amelia is one of my favorites too.
Maryanne is one of Zachary's favorites - actually I think it's Maryanna, but he's thinking that's a little long. He likes Mary.
He has good taste:-)
I Like Lila too... I am thinking boy right now, but I've never guessed right before, so that doesn't mean anything. If you think of any more names you like, please pass them on, because I'm finding it surprisingly helpful!!

I love you both!


Ashley said...

Well, I've been thinking. Some girls names:
Amelia (I can totally picture a little Amelia Love. So cute!)
Carina (it means "Dear little one.")
Gabriela (means Heroine of God)
I love Hannah, but I know there's auntie Hannah
Priscilla (I know it's so old-fashioned, but I love it!)
and Sophia, which means "wisdom"

I haven't even thought about boy names.

So, guess what!?!? Come November, I'm going to have a SISTER! I am so excited!!! Mom and Dad never tel the name either (except to us of course). They have a name, kind of. :) It's so hard!

Lots of love to you!

Momma Bug said...

AHSLEY! A sister - YAY!!!

I love ALL the names you suggested and will be giving them some thought again. They may well all be on my list - I sure like Louisa, Amelia, Clara, Juliana, Sophia...

I'm glad you're mom has a better idea, but I bet she's had some favorite girl picks for some time! ;-)

Love to you!