Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

One and all...
Those of you who are my friends (met face to face or not)
My upstairs porch has room for each of you, and is now patiently awaiting your presence! (unlike myself who is not as patient)

You may come if you are brave enough to:

*use an outhouse

*wash your hands in a bucket
*bunk with a bun
ch of crazy hoodlums or camp out in the yard (hoodlums look better once you hear the coyotes howl on your trip to the outhouse!)
*shower on the porch (no one will peek - I promise)
*visit by can
dle and lamplight in the evenings

, you can wait until we have:
*a toilet in the house

*running water (also i
nside the house)
*a guest cabin
*private shower (now what fun would that be?!)
*possibly electricity. (that's one I wouldn't count on, and really, I rather like visiting by candle or lamplight so if you come you'll have to indulge me!)

However, we are always ready for you with:

*open arms
(you laughing at us more than likely)

*hot coffee. or tea. or hot chocolate. or whatever you like:-)

*an upstairs porch to si
p it on
*plenty of quilts to wrap up in
*critters to watch
(even if only the two-legged variety)
*and lots and lots and lots of stuff to make memories out of!

Please come.
I mean it!



random me said...

analene...i might have to take you up on the offer. maybe diane and i will come together with my crew.

Diane said...

Sarah! You posted on Analene's blog. Too fun. Hmm. Think Analene is up to the adventure with you, me and your three munchkins. Now THAT would be a good time.

Analene, the part about visiting my candlelight sounds the most magnificient to me! I have always loved sitting around campfires at night because I think the best conversations come from those with just that little light.

And, Sarah and I were Girl Scouts for 13 + years. We can totally handle your cabin conditions. I mean, it will take me a little bit of pep-talk to gear up for it...but visiting with you and the family would be COMPLETELY worth it!

I love you and long to visit you!


Courtney said...

Sounds heavenly, my friend. I would love to come but since I can't at this moment I think you will have to come to me ;) I can't wait to see you. Love ya,

Ashley said...

I wanna come! It sounds wonderfully relaxing. :)

Lady Jess said...

Oh, sounds like fun!

Diane said...

Also...I just "tagged" you on my blog. I think it is an interesting one!

Momma Bug said...

Sarah and Diane,
A visit from you both would be a pile of fun! Perhaps you should make some plans for next Summer?
Okay. It's a deal:-)

Diane said...

Sarah and I will get next summer mapped out. Yep. Seriously. Hmm. If my suspisions are correct, she will either have another little one then, or have one on the way. Now won't THAT be fun!

See you next summer! (oh, and maybe before that too. You never know where this traveling girl will end up!)

Love you Sis. And thanks for calling tonight. SO nice to hear your voice.

Momma Bug said...

Ashley - come next Summer on your own, or bring your whole family! I would love to get to know your mom better:-)

Diane. I am holding you accountable now - and you too Sarah!
If you want to come to Colorado this Winter I'd love to have you there too Diane. If you fly some other place, you may have a lay-over in Denver anyway...

Courtney - I can't wait to see you!!!

Diane said...

Hey Analene. We will see where these next few months take me, but I would love to come this winter to see you and meet your new little one while he/she is still a little baby! I love holding those wee little ones. Talk to you soon.

Oh, and Sarah and I will be planning. :)

Mommy Reg said...

Sweet friend that sounds like so much fun! As I miss you dearly right now (not sure why as we hardly get to see each other). Wish we could come and visit. :) Maybe some day.

Grace McHugh said...

I promise to make the trek someday. But for now you will have to come to my house and be content to sit on my back porch and enjoy my company and............indoor plumbing and electricity. :) I know, some of us have it so easy. tee hee

Jana said...

Well, I now live five hours closer to you than I did before, so the odds of a visit are significantly improved!

Momma Bug said...

Jana, I am looking forward to that immensely!

Grace, these days I like to be close to "indoor plumbing" I make good (and frequent) use of it! HA!
I look forward to seeing you - even if it's in Colorado!

Jamie, you are on my mind often. I hope all is going well for you, even in your "wait" mode.
You are such a great momma and teacher. I miss you too friend!

Love you each!

princessmama said...

I've lived in a cabin before, so no problems there;) As of nightime trips to the outhouse, I'll just wake nate and make him walk me, lol...