Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Days...

Some days there is a list (a long one) I just can't seem to check off.
Some days I stand on one foot knowing I am wasting time doing so, but not knowing where to start.
Some days the sky is beautiful, the temperature perfect, the time free for the taking. Yet Some days those "perfect" moments get by me without recognition or significance.

Why I wonder, do those days usually come on the back of a really productive, every-day-will-be-as-wonderful-as-this-because-I-have-the-formula-down kind of day?

Yesterday was the "...I-have-the-formula-down" kind,
and today was one of those other kind - more in the genre of "how could I-have-tempted-such-a-lesson-in-humility".

I wish I could say I learned something today, but these "some days..." are the kind that just need to play themselves out to the end.
Unfortunately I am still standing on one foot, and I'd like to believe I'll do something worthwhile before the clock strikes in a new day; but if not, I'm thankful that I may have another chance tomorrow.


heidi said...

sometimes you're just supposed to savor all that is.

Momma Bug said...

I can do that when the enemy doesn't sow seeds of guilt.
It's the sense of "I'm not" and "I should" that get me.

I ran to your blog today my friend, but was waylaid before I could comment. Sure appreciate your perspective, your passion, and your mothering:-)


princessmama said...

Physical restrictions in the past have forced me to learn to relax on those "getting nothing done" days.

I can relate to the guilt for sure. It is still sometimes hard to keep the monster at bay, even after years of practice :}

Mommy Reg said...

Hey friend. I have had many days lately where the most I can do is stand on one foot.