Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green Thumbs, or Brown Hands?

BOTH it seems!

My boys built a garden. Complete with rock border and little "Hens and Chickens" nestled in between.

They are both much greener thumbs than I, and I can't wait for them to have a real opportunity to garden.

When only two years old, I overheard Zachary talking to little Clayton in his crib:

Hi - drain - jea, Brother. Can YOU say Hydrangea?"

That's where it started, and last night I heard Clayton saying to Miss Jana:

"Are these beets from YOUR garden? Are beets annuals or

Their Gramsie taught them how to hybridize Roses this Spring, and is herself an avid (and very successful) flower gardener, so we know it's in the blood!

They boys didn't consult me about location before commencing their project, so I'm not sure how things will look when we get back to Marvel Hill (whenever that is), or how the strawberries will fare planted next to the potatoes...
but it was worth a bit tongue to commend and encourage the lovely job they did!!

We hope to really "dig in" to the garden thing next year!


Lady Jess said...

Looks like they had fun! I'm sure it will be beautiful!

gramsie said...

I am SO proud of them--their garden looks wonderful :-) A big hug for each of them for all their hard work.

Photo Momma said...

That is awesome! I would love to have a garden... it's on my to-do list for someday :)

princessmama said...

Bragging rights indeed! :) Good job boys!