Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Better Way to Say it

It turns out that Jess doesn't convert pounds to Kilograms very well.
It's - you know - a foreign thing.

That's okay though because I don't convert Kilo's to pounds.

However, for your convenience Jess (and since the internet is a tool with a million uses):
168 pounds translates to 76 Kilograms.

That's a 26 Kilo gain in eight months!

My great guy said I should try translating pounds to stones as well, and I liked that even better: 168 pounds = 12 stones.

Yeah. I weigh 76 Kilos, or 12 Stones. The fewer the better I think, even though I'm betting those are some big stones!!


Jess said...

Fair Dinkum? Bewdy Mate! You're still a stunner of a sheila. If yoose are ever Down Under we'll take you out back and chuck a couple of snags on the barbie. Now worries, I'll check the dunny for red backs. It'll be bonza mate.


For real? Wow! That's awesome. You look beautiful. If you are ever in Australia, come and visit and partake in our Australian Hospitality. I shall clear the bathroom facilities of any poisonous arachnids before your arrival. It will be wonderful, friend.

The Internet. Brings all sorts together!

Jess said...

In response to your question in the earlier comments: My midwife's scales have a little button that we can press to convert from kg to pounds or vice versa, but babies weights are still often announced in pounds. I think it is just more impressive to say I had a 10 pound 1 ounce baby than to say it in Kg.

If I could shift this between baby weight I think I would probably gain that much, but because I usually start loosing weight just before I get pregnant then continue to loose it through the first trimester and then stay stable (gaining baby, loosing fat) through the second - only to pack it all back on in the third - ughh!

Momma Bug said...

Well Jess, I would just LOVE to come visit. maybe one day...
I'm glad you translated! Just how poisonous ARE those spiders? We got pretty good at killing Black Widows when we lived on our tiny old ranch in California. As long as I spotted it first, I could handle it;-)

So AJ was reading somewhere the other day that Tasmania is looking to be pretty well set up in the coming days as "our country" is falling to shambles.

It might be a REALLY good time to visit! ;-D

Love to ya!

Shauna said...

Being here in Canada means I always get weighed in kgs during my pregnancies. My favorite event happened when my mom came along to one of my last appointments, didn't realize which unit of measurement was being used, and about flipped at how much weight I had "lost".

Jess said...

Nobody has DIED of a redback bite since the anti-venom started being stocked in hospitals, it is just that they like dark, cool places like outdoor toilets that they have a bad rap. They are only the size of a five or ten cent piece (nickel or dime I think you'd say LOL) but I've not been bit yet - although, I did know a woman who had one crawl into her ear from her horseriding helmet....

Tassie is a wonderful place, deadly critters and all, but the safest place I can think of being is in His hands. I'd rather be in dodgy old Nineveh than inside the whale so-to-speak!

Momma Bug said...

So true my friend!

Lady Jess said...

How funny! I think foreign weighing systems will make us all feel much lighter.