Monday, August 10, 2009

I Created

Just the hum of the generator to keep me company now. The children are at least quiet (if not sleeping) and the computer is all mine!
What to write? What to post?
Sheesh. Maybe I should go get my book and curl up (yeah right - seen my belly lately) on the bed with the glow of the candle. Perhaps that would be more relaxing without the hum of the generator...
Decisions, decisions.

I painted a sign today. It was so much fun to have an achievable project that required a little creativity of my own. (I don't consider making dinner creative these days - at least not in a way that gets me animated, but paint? Woo-hoo!)
I have a few empty spots on my walls which I want to paint some Bible verses, but the paint will be there for a while so I want to make sure I know what I want to write.
What I worked on today will be photographed in a couple days as I need some hardware to hang it. Rather than painting directly on the wall for one certain spot, I scrounged up two weathered 2x's and painted my Marvel Hill quote on them.

"And this is the marvel of marvels, that He called me Beloved..."

- From The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis.

I used chalk to freehand the writing, then painted over with white acrylic paint.
In the living room.
With Carolina's company.
What is it about doing a project like that that just inspires the most hard-to-resist affection from little ones? The whole time I was trying to paint, she would sidle up to me and put her face in front of mine, puckered little lips requesting kisses...
It made it hard to see what I was trying to work on, but who could resist? I'd rather have Lina than a sign any day! (So she got her kisses).

Eventually I finished my painting. Enough for today anyhow. It's a treacherous gamble to sit on the floor pregnant with a number 6. All my joints and ligaments are loose enough to ensure a lengthy rise from the sitting position! (Ouch!)

Perhaps you would have preferred some pictures to listening to me ramble, but the photos of my upstairs porch were taking forever to upload and now I don't even have evening left to read my book.
I gave up - at least on the pictures. For tonight.

My book may still have a chance:-)


2homeschool said...

Me too, I was just thinking of sitting down with a book.

I took a look at some pictures I drew in 2004. They were pretty fun. Not really worth noting, but fun to go back and look at anyway.

Thinking of ya.

Ps. If I were wanting to encourage a 9 year old girl in her talented art (drawing mostly)... What would I do?

Momma Bug said...

My mom always took pleasure in my drawings (from the time I was 2, I think) and knowing that my creativity was enjoyed by others was the very best encouragement I could have had!

You might "encourage" her mom to take an art class with her, or "encourage" her mom to make stationary out of her daughters work. Shrinking down a black and white, and placing it a the bottom of a page makes super (and easy) stationary, great gifts, and spreads the delight farther than home:-) My mom did all those things, and I think I owe all (that God himself didn't give me) my talent and pleasure to my mom:-)

How was your book?
Love you back!

Lady Jess said...

Oh, sounds like you had 'fun' didn't you?;)

heidi said...

oh your home is going to be lovely!!!

princessmama said...

LOL it's so true about inspiring affection from your children when you are trying to do anything creative that takes your attention off of them! *Gasp* :D