Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well Fiddlesticks!

It was a long day and it's not over yet.
Thankfully I decided to be a momma children might actually WANT to have when we spent the day doing errands two hours from home.
Amazingly, we had a nice time.
I am amazed. AMAZED...
Arriving back at Marvel Hill the children unloaded themselves while I myself marveled at how smoothly things had gone.
And then...

The eggs.
They had been in the ice chest which was now a chest-full-of-water.
And were above my head in reach (no they didn't land ON my head).
But I did lose the bottom of the egg carton and five of the eggs to the inside of the van.
Hmm... Just when my work was almost at an end.
It just goes to show you shouldn't count your eggs... you know.

On the thankful side:
There was a roll of paper towels handy (that's the foresight of my Great Guy).
There was a pot with just enough water to wash off my egg splattered feet and shoes.
There was still 13 eggs left.
There was a recliner to sit in when I finally finished my chore and got into the house.
There is a half gallon of Safeway Rocky Road in the freezer.
Life is good!

Now... What was I saying?


J said...

MMMM I am eating ice cream right now! What was I going to say?

From little belly to big belly,

Momma Bug said...

Baby says "Hi" back!
Hopes Little Belly likes Rocky Road! ;-P

Lady Jess said...

Oh, well. The ice cream makes up for it, now doesn't it?!

Jana said...

Now I know you're partial to the Safeway brand...but Jon and I recently tried the Breyers brand of Rocky Road with delightful results. I'm not a rocky road fan, but I could eat a whole container of this stuff myself! Something about the marshmallow....mmmm. :)

Grace McHugh said...

I loved this story today! ha ha ha Mango sorbet is my "go to" comfort food. I am counting the days!