Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Versatile All-Season Gear

And while the paparazzi did not follow these daring young sledders,
there are pictures to document
the beginnings of a snow fort.

Which consisted of rolled snowballs
artfully sliced into blocks with a machete.

Once again I marvel at the versatility of a machete!

And just a little later.... 

A good way to get tostied up again,
and Susanna exercises her blossoming reading skills
on her sister's willing ear.

What joy to a spying momma :-)


SarahS said...

Ahahahaha! Love the "snow" goggles :D And the snow bricks, and the coziness at the end:) Great post, kids are so fun

outdoor.mom said...

that is really sweet!! oh so cute with the goggles!!