Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It started off so calm and serene......

Sunshine, Snow, and Frost in the trees.

Hoodlums patiently waiting for mom and dad to get with it!

A slight lack of posing enthusiasm, but I content myself with a photo for memory sake.

Have you ever truly seen "light" in a child's eyes?
Here's proof:

Punch balloons are one of our Christmas morn. traditions
a bit wild,
but lots and LOTS of fun!
(and they die relatively soon so you don't have one more thing to find a home for)

Tic Tacs and a lantern... the way to Lina's heart, if you need to know.
She ate the whole box of Tic Tacs before the days end.


Erector sets

New pens

New gloves (and doesn't the camo go nicely with the princess party dress?)

We made our traditional Christmas Rainmaker Shrimp
This year we added homemade artisan bread and and balsamic vinegar for dipping
sharp cheddar
veggie tray
Martinellis sparkling cider (another tradition)
and chocolate covered cherries that the kids made

What a day.
Thanks LORD!  For being born, because you died for me, came to life again, and redeemed me -
I'm YOURS!!!!

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SarahS said...

Beautiful, sweet pictures!! Looks like a wonderful family time. Thanks so much for sharing:) Love you guys lots! Me