Monday, December 6, 2010

Days 9-11 of Fall Color Trip continued

Day 9 Picked up a rental RV and traveled from Missouri to Kentucky.
Stayed at Horse Caves KOA where Zack found a tiny little bird nest for me.
One of my favorite souvenirs.

Day 10 First we stopped at Mammoth Caves

 ...and then we toured Diamond caverns...

THEN..... (dun-da-dun-dunnnn...)
We drove to meet my dear bloggy friend from the Home of the Petersonclan!
On the way through Kentucky, we enjoyed beautiful scenery:

And my favorite was some of the barns which had painted quilt squares on them.

Lina and Mercy quickly made friends!

Sue found a niche too...

...and the boys.

What fun to make new friends across the United States!
The Clan shared an arrowhead and some geodes with the boys.
Those things made it thousands of miles all the way back to Idaho and
have been some of the most cherished souvenirs.

Thank you beloved Kentucky friends - you made our day that day!

Day 11  was a Louisville work day for dad and the rest of us drove around
and accomplished errands to Costco, target, and Bass Pro.
Please realize that this means Momma Bug drove a honkin' big RV through the big city
BY HER SELF.  (She's a little stuck up about it now) ;-)
AJ took us to Cheese Cake Factory for dinner and then we drove to West Virginia while the children slept.
Spent the night in Wal Mart Parking lot.


Jess said...

Wish I was there too, will have to show you the Mole Creek caves one day :)

Diane said...

Sounds like fun! It is so neat to make friends thru blogging and actually meet them. :) said...

that looks like a fun trip!! we were in Oregon for a month on fires one year and saw some caves by cave junction. The pics reminded me of that. Fun memory!! Lovely post.