Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WHY are they in such a hurry to grow up?!

I don't know where to start with this one.
December 28th.  
Clayton Praise arrived quite fast - 9cm when I arrived at the hospital fast.
I actually smiled when they told me that 
because hey, 
almost over the hard part and on to the baby-holding!
AJ said we aren't doing that again - the driving while in trasition.  
I think I can agree with that plan. 

Clayton is 
Friendly, outgoing, at ease with people. 
So thoughtful of others
Has a booming voice. 
There is no "low" volume on this child and it makes me wonder...

What are HIS plans for you child?
I can see them unfolding before my eyes and am quite sure I am watching live
as He moulds you to His image and glorifies Himself through your life 
every day!

I love you Clay.
I'm glad you're mine :-) least for a while.



Sally said...

A heartfull of love for our birthday boy!!! g-z

J said...

Happy Birthday! He's got his mommma's eyes. Love,
J said...

they DO grow up too fast!! my oldest baby is 19!! happy birthday to yours :-)