Sunday, December 19, 2010

Really? You want to know?

Yesterday was idyllic.

There was warmth and light,
Snowfall and a Moose visit.
Cookie decorating,
Popcorn for lunch.
Drawing and sewing projects to engage in at leisure.

I worked on Bryce and Carolina's Christmas Stockings;
and tidied here for the addition of cousins and some new neighbors for dinner.

It was peaceful and perfect and a Holiday in every sense.

 In fact, the last week (and hopefully the next) are represented by this serene picture.

I tried an Artisan bread recipe that actually turned out

And we built a gingerbread house.

Some critters discovered the Nativity

And others snuck into the house to play where it's warm.

But before you think you'd like my life,
I should probably round out your perspective a little bit.

My beloved husband and best friend has had to travel a lot lately.
He has provided for us in every necesity, but being our first Winter in the mounatins
and living more rustic than those living with conventional power and plumbing...
it's been a daily adventure of learning the quirks and techniques,
and also all the little hang-ups of Winterizing.

I mean,  firewood is a good start,
but what about discovering which pipes need insulating against freeze?
Well now we know.
How's our custom composting toilet working out?
I will spare you the details, but we've learned something about that one too.
There's more,
but I won't digress.
Suffice it to say, we've been learning a lot of these lessons without our capable dad.
Uncle Char- my "little" brother is near at hand, but I save him as one hoards a Wild card -
to be used only when in dire straits.

Many of these days start by going below the house to turn on a water valve
so I have water in the sink.
For the last 5 or 6 weeks I've been without hot water except what I heat on the stove.
And if the pipes have frozen (as was the case again today)
I have to fill pots of water (or I use my Wild card for that) outside and bring them in
for drinking and for dish and hand-washing.
I will impose on my brother up the hill once or twice a week for a shower,
but since it involves leaving the kids at home
(because I am not willing to drive up a curvy, unplowed, driveway), that's often enough
and then at night, and I will walk back home.
In the dark.
Singing Christmas carols with gusto!
(And trying not to slip and slide back down the hill).

There IS a cookie under there...... somewhere.

Before bed, I stoke the fire,
Shut off the generator which I sometimes run late in the day
to power my computer, a movie or two, the internet connection...
and Christmas tree lights.
Then I turn that water valve off,
remembering to flush water out of the system by yet another valve
before turning in.

 That's mostly it,
but just those couple unusual chores add a unique twist to my daily life.
And it sometimes feels like a lot when my hero isn't here to rescue his damsel.
Distressed or not,
I am frequently in need of rescue ;-D

But then again,
it's amazing to find out just what I'm capable of,
to find out how much my children pitch in,
and to train and correct my perspective
so that I can embrace even harrowing experiences as...
as adventures, and memory-making.

And they are. We are having a GREAT time,
being together
(occasionally crying - and it's mostly me who's the cry-baby)
...and making memories.

You can have a piece of this pie if you want,
 Just remember I didn't fill you in on the "IN-House Outhouse"

This life is a mixed bag that any of you gals could handle,
but would you WANT to.

As for me,
I have chose my lot.
And I am exceedingly content and fulfilled in it.
If you want a piece of the warmth and candlelight;
the snowflakes, moose visits, and mountain quiet........

You'll have to get your own.

I'm not trading.


Cinnamon said...

Oh how your post brought back such memories. You see we did that when our kiddos were little but it was in an 8x25 camper. Some called our lives insane. Others thought we lived a wonderful adventure. But like your wrote, there's so much behind the scenes that goes one in a life as "perfect" as that :-)

I cried a lot too. If I could I'd send you the journal I kept with pictures, feelings, thoughts about our 4 yrs of living that. Then you'd cry with me and see that we're kindred spirits in pioneer living :-)

That 4 yrs was the absolute best time of our children's lives. They would all go back there in a heart beat! Sometimes my husband I wonder if they lived in the same place we did because our memories are soooo different :-)

Be encouraged...the Lord knows right where you are and what you need.

Merry Christmas~ Cinnamon

Momma Bug said...

Thank you Cinnamon.
You have quite the "lot" now-a-days!
It's amazing what you think you'd n"never be able to handle" until you are actually met with the task! ;-)
I know we are kindred spirits, and perhaps one day we can sip tea and glory in the Lord's goodness together.
Save me a spot on your mansion veranda if I don't get to meet you in this life :-)

I'm praying for you this Christmas season as well.


SarahS said...

Wonderful post Analene:) It's funny looking back, some seasons I remember only the good stuff and some I remember only the bad stuff. Either way I try to bring a little balance to my thoughts. On the one hand so I don't get to thinking some idyll in the past was better than my life today; and on the other so I remember the goodness of God in Every season.

I shouted when I opened up to the picture of the moose and the boys ran over. "Is that the Love's?" Yep.:D

So glad you have a 'wild card' handy;-) Those are good to have in any game.

Momma Bug said...

You are one of the best I know at embracing the beautiful:-)
I'm glad the boys enjoyed the moose, and I'm excited to hear that Nate is in the Academy. That's awesome!
I love getting snippets of your life too - I love ya lots!

Mama K. said...

I LOVE the first picture of the three boys! Seeing that little mouthful of teeth on Bryce...priceless! We're thinking about you all out there - sounds like you're doing well despite all the little obstacles. Have a WONDERFUL Christmas!! FYI - we sent a package to the store for you - hope you are able to get out and get it in all that snow. :)
Love to you all! said...

choosing contentment is such a good thing :-)You have so many gorgeous pics up i don't know what to comment on next!! Awesome shots - all of them. I love your post :-) I hope i can see you again soon and that God graces you for all this rough living. i will say a prayer for you. Merry Christmas!!

JMB Ranch said...

Sometimes the roughest times are the most rewarding. You and your young family will have these special memories forever. It reminds me of how frontier women helped build this country. I often think of myself in that way, but you take the prize. Congrats on your hapiness and my wish for you....plenty of firewood!hahaha
Your friend,