Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How one small boy makes the sun shine

Balancing near me, removing his hands from their support so he could stand alone.

"High five" is the new thing we practiced today when he stood 
- and just after, he plops on the ground in belly laugh.

Laying his head on my shoulder when I pick him up; 

he knows he is loved.

Sitting on the living room floor with the big boys, watching them play a game.  Taking it all in.

A bit later, on his tummy next to Clay pondering the potential for a winning move.

After the game, placing the flat glass beads into a jar one by one.  "Bee'"  He says  "Bee'!"

He is the spoiled one who gets to hold my cell phone.  That cell phone is very much off-limits otherwise...

....but little brother is so much like his biggest brother.  
I think they two have been the only ones interested in this all-consuming way.

Open, close.

On, off.

In, out.

Placing one thing inside of another; stacking mason jars when momma turns a blind eye,

mixing something with a spoon, in an empty cup,

trying out the echo's in all varying sizes of cups, cans, and jars.






Being still and resting.

Making my mother-heart smile all the time.

Is there anything this boy can't do?


Photo Momma said...

Your caption fits that picture perfectly! I love you posts, Analene.

outdoor.mom said...

oh so sweet!! my Moonbeam makes the sun shine too ;-) What a beautiful baby!!