Saturday, December 11, 2010

This story tells itself

And yes..... I paid him for those teeth so I wouldn't keep finding them all over the house.
I feel I have jinxed myself
for not teaching my children about the Tooth Fairy!
...........It's all becoming clear........

And I'm sorry to everyone who didn't wont get to see them in person ;-)


SarahS said...

Hehehe... Joshua is working on his top front teeth as well. His first couple he was real anxious to have out and spent large blocks of time just wiggling them. These he's leaving to their own sweet time it seems;)
Love the post with the paper chain and new cousin. Wonderful musings:) Thank for sharing your thoughts and the beautiful pics.

Kaydee and Emma said...

That's too cute. I made a post just like this about a month ago. Kids!!!!