Thursday, December 30, 2010

Home: The first frontier!

It has been about 7 years since I had a one-year-old boy in the house.
I had forgotten how much FUN it is!

This one especially, likes to explore his world.  I know that's natural for most any child,
but after Carolina had such a slow start it does my heart good to have Bryce getting into so much
discovery type mischief.

Today, for instance,
I removed ornaments from the tree.
He removed the wrapping from a Candy Cane and indulged himself in some candy-licking good times.

I loved it.
I don't remember loving messy antics like that so much in the past.
Am I growing up?

I admit that our family is one that  doesn't experience a lot of hair-raising, child-raising shenanigans.
Such things as crayons on the walls, or ink pens on the couch cushions.
Scissors on the hair, or beads up the nose.
Torn books, broken windows, chipped plates.

Because of this little fact of life in our home, I might be freer than some of you to enjoy things like
the removal of all the silverware from the silverware container, or sticky hands and face and shirt
because of pilfered Christmas candy.

This being said, I realize that I have now jinxed myself to the fate of
cleaning toothpaste out of my keyboard... or worse.

But... until the day he does something that really makes me want to cry,
I'll enjoy cleaning up after my small man-in-the-making and follow the tiny hurricane behind him!

-At least at my house there's no fear of removing the toilet to replace wax seals! ;-)


SarahS said...

I'm glad you can laugh at those funny messes:)
I remember one time as I was pouring honey from one jar to another seeing a little, pink(4-yr-old *Ahem*) tongue perilously close to the golden stream. I cracked up laughing and spilled honey down the outside of the jar... Then the boys and I Kept laughing, and indulged in a spoonful of honey (they did anyway--too sweet for me:)

And another time struggling through the crowds at a Christmas craft bazarre and looking back to see the 1 yr-old in Papa's arms had unwrapped a candy cane some well meaning soul had handed him. What a place to have a sticky munchkin ;-)

Katie said...

We have had pretty much all the hair raising, child-raising shenanigans you mentioned in our house from one little wild boy. A few others too that are worthy of mentioning like pouring an entire Costco sized container of Olive Oil all over the kitchen floor, running naked down the street after a bath (that one was pretty funny;-) and peeling the veneer off my hutch (not so funny:-(. Hence the reason there are so many years between child #2 and #3. We just weren't sure that we could keep up with another one if they came out just like him again!!HaHa! Thankfully she seems to be sweet and calm so far!

There has been a vast difference in how much we have enjoyed the baby/toddlerhood of Emma verses the other children and I would say it all has to do with us maturing and being settled in life. We have enjoyed every little antic she does! And it makes us pause and savor moments with the other ones as they are growing so quickly!

Momma Bug said...

There's something to having children young, but I really think one should experience that again a little later in life just because what you say is true.
You now know how FAST the time flits by and it isn't too funny!
Suddenly we want to hang on every word and notice every new accomplishment.
Life is very sweet indeed!

And I don't envy you the veneer scenario! HA!