Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ART: learning to get out of our box

Time to try some different mediums.

Today we drew our very FIRST self portraits
and experienced our FIRST soft Pastels...






Do you know how intimidating it is to try something for the first time?
Those soft, dusty, pigment-rich chalks are so... different!
Some of my children were intimidated by drawing themselves this way,
but WOW!  How GREAT they did!  And after they followed through
with this first, they were off!

It was good for me to sit down WITH my little bugs because I often get
them started on a project and then I do something else while they are busy.
I've been needing to sit down and learn and participate with them.
It was new for me too.
I used soft pastels once for a class waaaaaay back in my past
but never to draw a person. 

This kinda made me want to sit down with the kiddos again!


Pam... said...

I love it that you're tapping out into your art side. See? It's possible and fun! They love it, we love it.
I know, I recently tried the pastels and was not comfortable like I am with good ole watercolors.'s good to try and expand out! Way to go, momma bug!

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Mrs. Pam!
I LOVE what you get your kids doing!

SarahS said...

How fun:)