Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boy Blankie? CHECK!

I saw this most Marvel Hill-ish material and it spoke to me.
It said "Take me I'm yours!"
This print (and the one following) are part of a collection by Ellen Crimi-Trent called
Woodland Friends II.  I'm in love with the vibrant colors and playful mood.
And the Moose - can't forget that precious Moose!

(So Baby, if you're a little Boy baby... we're ready for you now!)

Also, I've had some fabric intended just for an apron and today?
I decided to make myself a Birthday present!
Yep.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I've had one favorite apron I got at my bridal shower
about 14 years ago.
It's never been my favorite print, but it has been my favorite splatter-guard
and it's been tired out for some time.  This darling new fabric gives me the perfect incentive
and since it calls my name too...
Happy Birthday to ME!

Just a FYI, the bird fabric in my Baby Girl blanket is a design by Valori Wells.
You can even find some lovely Valori Wells fabrics as well as other wonderful
bird prints on Amazon if you type in "Bird Fabric by the yard".

Promise to show me if you create something wonderful!


Diane said...

i love the bird fabric! Happy birthday dear friend. I love you.

Diane said...

Oh and i have those same scissors. ;)

Pam... said...

Well happy happy birthday! What a blessing you are to everyone.
Some ladies nest at the end of pregnancy, but you are going to the birds! Yes sewing is a fine way to keep the mind off of the awaited day!

Marti said...

Lovely, lovely! Happy Birthday too!

LindaFaye said...

Happy birthday friend :)

Cinnamon said...

I love the woodland creatures. Perfect!!

Happy Birthday. How fun to be celebrating a birthday, be expecting and have all those happy sweet faces all around you to help you celebrate. Not to mention your honey ♥

Have a wonderful, super duper, triple delightful day :-)


Photo Momma said...

Happy birthday! I am amazed that you find time to sew and do fun projects. You are quite the gal :)

SarahS said...

I LOVE that owl fabric!!!! LOVE! :)