Friday, March 25, 2011

Saturday on Friday

Beloved husband home for one whole day
before another stint of travel meant a Holiday for us!

I don't mind all the travel though, because he is planning to spend the next month and a half at least
being here for me, for baby's birth, and getting into our new juggling groove.

Today though, he plumbed in a DRYER for me, and did some other manly household
duties while I sat as near as possible with my quilting and kept the coffee hot.

This is the crew helping Dad change the hinges on the dryer door:

And this is the finished baby girl receiving blanket.
There's a boy blanket in the works too since we don't know who baby is yet.

 I couldn't resist the orange flannel back, but I have a feeling I might look at it one day
and grin as I remember the season of my infatuation with orange.  The light weight cotton front though...
I am infatuated with that as well.  I love love LOVE the birds!
Since I knew the cotton wouldn't "stick" to the flannel after a washing,
I quilted all the birds.  I wish I had more time for projects like this because it's just about doable for me
and SO relaxing to do repetitive hand-work!

It was a lovely, snowy, cozy-by-the-fire day.  All of us together with sips of tea, and sips of coffee, and sips of hot cocoa... soon Spring will be fully here, and the cozy season will be over.
I'm enjoying the last of the cold for as long as it lasts:-)


Tiffany said...

O my gosh, I love that blanket! With this pregnancy I'm in love with birds as well! I would buy one from you if you ever wanted to sell one :)

Momma Bug said...

Sweet Tiffany - Thank you! I wish I had enough time for making one for you (especially if that babe is indeed a girlie one ;-))
I'm afraid my plate is a little full a the moment.

I can't wait to hear that YOU are holding your anticipated package!


Jess said...

I love it! The orange is perfect!

Cinnamon said...

I love the birds too. So gentle and sweet! How fun that you are making two. You are busy busy while staying cozy cozy :-)

I love the picture of your husband with the children. Those pictures that we have of the children helping their Papa are the most treasured now.

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

Courtney said...

WOW! That blanket is gorgeous! I love it :) I am missing you my friend. Love ya

Tiffany said...

:) I understand how your plate could possibly be full what with baby #7 so close to arriving! Keep up all the hard work--raising what sounds like great kids, and making that new one (and everything else in between)!

SarahS said...

Beautiful blanket! I'm loving birds right now too, so funny:) And I love that orange backing, I think it's perfect

Momma Bug said...

COURTNEY - but it's...
I can't believe you wasted a comment on that!

I love you.

Mama K. said...

That blanket is really fun! The orange will be a nice color for her first spring and summer...and i LOVE the birds as well!
Oh, and here's a few more girls names to throw in there in case you haven't already thought of them: Carissa, Alathea, Lucia, Sophia, Amelia, Eliza, and Isabella.
luv u!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you thank you! Those are ALL on my "favorite" list.
(if it's a girl that is)
Now for boy...

Marti said...

I, too, love your blanket. Great job! I was wondering where you find your fabric?

Momma Bug said...

Mmm... that one was at a local quilt shop, but I've actually seen it online.
When I get a chance Marti, I'll see if I can find out the designer name on that print:-)

Marti said...

Thank you, thank you!

Marti said...

No pressure, though, I know you are busy. I just don't see those sort of fabrics in the stores around here and I was curious.

Momma Bug said...

Marti - I believe both the front and back fabrics are Valori Wells.
I have even seen it at times on
Let me know if you track it down! I like a lot of Valori Wells deigns, and also Michael Miller.
In fact, for anyone loving the birds, go to Amazon in the sewing and craft department and type in "bird fabric by the yard"
there's some pretty wonderful fabrics!

Marti said...

oooh, thank you. I didn't even know Amazon sold fabric. :)

Mama K. said...

Sorry I can only contribute girl names! Lol. I have never had a boy name that I've loved...but that has worked out okay for us so far. :)
I'll keep thinking though!