Friday, March 18, 2011

my most favorite person....

to know
to think of
to love
to look at
to laugh with
to wonder about
to tease
to dream of
to watch
to smile at
to dress up for
to bring coffee to
to pick up socks after
to share with
to give to
to call 
to kiss
to wait for
to see coming
to talk to
to be with
 to be loved by.


Cinnamon said...

I knew by the title I should not have come to peek at your blog. I was right. Just seeing this picture reminds me of my husband. He was a carpenter and always bent over his saw horses, with his tool bags hanging off his hips pulling his pants lower and lower. Oh how I miss seeing him working and being here.

Your love for you husband just reminds me of mine~ kindred spirits we are :-)


Momma Bug said...

I know I am fortunate beyond words, but I sometimes feel this life is not long enough for all the loving and playing and talking and dreaming we have yet to do.
I bet you feel the same, and in Johns current line of work probably appreciate what time you have even more.

It's quite wonderful to see those manly hands laboring at such tangible work. I love to see AJ getting callouses, and bruised fingernails, and whiskers because he's too busy at projects to take time for a shave :-)
Such satisfying and noble work to be getting bad guys! It's a good thing to see your fella do what he's good at and loves doing.

We are very fortunate indeed!

Yes dearest Cinnamon - I'm pretty sure we ARE kindred spirits.
I look forward to an in-person hug one day, be it sooner or later.
I'm hoping that "later" will yield lots of opportunity to enjoy our husbands (however the Lord works that out), so maybe we can sip tea on a veranda while watching those guys do what they were made to do.

Sounds absolutely wonderful, doesn't it?



Momma Bug said...


Since there will be no "bad guys" to get in that life, I suppose John will have to go back to carpentry...
or whatever else he longs to put his hand to.
Does he like machinery? Equipment?
Sometimes I send AJ out to drive his tractor just for therapy! :-D

Cinnamon said...

Analene~ Have I told you how much I like your name. If we weren't stuck in g's for our children I think that would be a name I'd choose :-)

My husband loves to work with his hands. I love the smell of sawdust and hearing his saw running. The hutch you will sometimes see on my blog is one my husband built for me with our 3 boys (at the time we had 4 children). I will always cherish it.

Yes I like that idea....sipping tea and visiting. Let's ask the Lord to work that out okay? :-)

I have a feeling our husbands would get along wonderfully too.

We are in southeastern Iowa in a little bitty town you would never even find on a map.

We have met a few other bloggers during our travels across the U.S. so who knows maybe it would work out for us to meet sooner than later :-)

Now I'm all excited at the possibility!

~Cinnamon said...

Great pic!! what is he doing? Do you get him home now?

Momma Bug said...

He's building shelving for storage of fuel cans.
Having a pretty good time working on something achievable as you can tell by that smile!
He's traveling this week, and next week, but plans to be home through April and most of May without any trips during that time. It would be good if he's here when baby comes, don't you think?