Saturday, March 19, 2011

Party ON!

This night...
It's now pretty late.  11:00 is late for starting a party at least, but that's exactly what I'm about to do.

Little Bugletts are tucked into bed
and steaming hot cocoa is awaiting a dollup of whipped cream and sprinkle of cinnamon.

Probably I should be tucked in for the night, but my beloved is away so bed is a bit lonely
and the crackling fire is more companionable than the dark.

I was thinking I would gather up a baby blanket I need to finish for this wee one
and sit in front of a movie that doesn't need my eyes riveted to the screen.
I was thinking Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version)
but put back in Roy Rogers the kids were earlier watching.

Roy Rogers and hot cocoa...

by glowing firelight and while working towards the finished end of a project. 
Does that not sound like a party?

Before I sign off to enjoy my party-of-one, I must brag a little.
Clayton Praise made this serving spoon for me from a burl he found.
I'm so honored that he thought of me!  I am so loved.
Once successfully gouging out the inside of this burl, he has gone on to make spoon after spoon.
A new passion, and for every spoon he makes there is a fortunate, cherished person he intends to gift.

And here's my tiniest boy.  Today I had had the melancholy sensation of not wanting him to be bumped from the "baby" position in a few weeks.  This is a first for me. 
Mother of six-going-on-seven...
Can you believe there are new growing pains to be experienced even this far into the game?

Aren't boys wonderful?!


Melissa said...

I'm amazed at all you do while in the last few months of your pregnancy! And I'm not surprised to hear of "growing pains" as you look forward to welcoming your 7th vary--our jobs are never boring ;).

Melissa said...

Wait, I meant to type "7th baby"--the auto correct on my iPhone is acting up again! By the way, what kind of job does your husband have, and will he be able to be with you for your birth? said...