Thursday, March 24, 2011

Capturing moments

Isn't it good to stop and capture moments sometimes?
They are so fleeting!
In this case I was sitting on an unmade bed, attaching brackets to a picture frame
while the roar and din of a rowdy circus met my ears from not afar-off.
I was very industrious getting ready for my husbands return - you know,
hanging pictures and the like.
(What overflowing trash can? Pile of laundry you ask? Wha-?  It's not in the picture!)
To be fair I did wash the sheets, but as I was saying...
It gets downright convenient to take candid pictures when I have a set of nimble
6-year-old legs to fetch my camera for me any time I beckon!

Now I can continue to enjoy this moment a little longer
which is nice, because that pile of laundry is not so fleeting!


Tracy said...

Sweet, precious times!!! Savor and Enjoy!

Tracy L.

Momma Bug said...

It's SO good to see you - brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart.
I've been praying for you and all of yours. Thank you for leaving a comment:-)


Cinnamon said...

I love all the snippets you have captured! So beautiful~'

You know every time I come here I read a new quote from your children
(the ones you have on the side bar) They crack me up and I share them with my children at our next meal :-)

How are you feeling?


Tracy said...

Oh Analene! *sniff*
We ARE hurting deeply but the Lord is SO faithful.
He heals the broken hearted and He will dry our tears!

Love back... :-)

Tracy L.