Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proof of being a lucky girl:

 3 sisters. 
L-R:  Emma 20, Me (, Molly 26, Mattie Grace 17
(and I'm the only one without gorgeous eyebrows! - but then, I did get AJ, so what can I say?)

One full month in California and it's coming to a close.
We are heading home to Idaho this Saturday and I pretty much holed up while here.
Not very social, but a luxury I decided to grab when I had the choice!
Before we came, I decided to make several things a priority:
1) spending time with my family - especially the kiddos with Grandma
2) enjoying time with my sisters: Molly and her family; and my sis Emma.
3) swimming lessons for my Bugletts
4) trying to continue Bible, Math, Reading, and Writing
(since I can't consider every road trip a "vacation" at this point though my children would like that!)

If you feel that your own life is full to the point that just accomplishing meals and clean clothes is a victory,
than you will have grace with me for not reaching further than that list encompasses.
If you can't relate.... I will have grace with you ;-)
I'm grateful that I got to do what was most important to me in these travels,
and which revolved around my little family unit, and that larger family sphere I am privileged to belong to.
It was a delight - these past weeks - and every day I saw the Hand of God at work in my life.
Even in the difficult moments, and the days that strayed from my original plan.

I can't fully realize how blessed I am,
but I try!

To those who I missed on this trip:  I love you!  Thanks for loving me in spite of my hermit-like tendencies
and other quirks :-)  You bless me.


Pam... said...

Sounds like you know what is important and you are entirely thankful for all God has given you. That's just how it should be. Grace to you.
When I was in your season of life, our days looked pretty much the same. Just the basics, please! There's great freedom in 'simple'.

Shauna said...

I intend to be a bit hermit like myself when visiting family - I've discovered that to try and do otherwise is to miss out on time with those closest to me.
Where did you do swimming lessons?

celt said...

So glad you have had a wonderful visit. Though I'm sorry I didn't get to see you guys (can't remember the last time I even saw A.J), I completely understand. Time with family is so important and such a blessing. Drive carefully. And we WILL get to Idaho one of these days!


Cinnamon said...

Love the sisters pictures. Beautiful!! How can you be 7 months pregnant? You look great!!


Momma Bug said...

Doesn't EVERYone else look better at 7 months pregnant? ;-D

Shauna - North Valley Swim School gives gives lessons at In Motion Fitness. In Motion gave us a special deal on one months membership too, so I could take the kids swimming between lessons.
Oh! And their facility is REALLY nice. Family bathrooms, and heated pool... hot tub... oh yeah!
It's an awesome time of year to do swim lessons and use the pool because it's still too clod to draw a crowd. It was virtually empty the month we were in town.

Love ya!

Momma Bug said...

I didn't mean that it's "clod" actually, I was thinking that it's still too COLD.
But then again...
Cold is relative ;-) said...

super CUTE pic!!