Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Dearest little daughter,
Do you remember that I was giving Dad a haircut when I went into labor with you?
I couldn't stand up to finish, and Dad insisted he wasn't going to the hospital with only half a haircut
so Gramsie had to finish up for him!

After 9 months of longing to meet you, and a couple hours of really hard work...

You finally arrived!

And that was the last I remember of celebrating Saint Patrick's day, because celebrating YOU every year
has been so much more joy-filled and important in my life!

 On this morning, five years later, you rose before the sun.
I requested that you wait a bit (please) before commencing with festivities.
-Say, at least until there was enough light to see without a flashlight?

 Look at those morning faces!

And here's my girl learning to braid Friendship bracelets...

Enjoying some birthday phone calls

This year...
Daddy's traveling.
It's snowing outside.
You chose pink instead of purple.
Wanted a hot glue gun...
and sewing box.
Got a hand-made spoon Clayton lovingly fashioned from a tree burl.

...and ate your pink cupcake with it, I might add.

The party consisted of 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 1 momma, 4 Cousins, 1 Auntie
and 1 unidentified sibling in the secret place.

For only 2 families, it equaled 1 large-ish party!

This is that 1 Auntie and I together five years ago minus 5 months

And again 6 months later...

Now this.
I doubt we really know what we're in for long-term.

I'm not showing you a current picture of us because we look pretty tired at this point ;-D

The cupcakes were a hit though, and the party-ers really knew how to have a good time!

This one says it all, doesn't it?

Apron that Auntie Hannah made for O

Good bye cousins!
Thank you so much for sharing Olivia's day!

Olivia Honor mine....
You are my songbird.  My cuddler.  My artist.
Today you are smack-dab middle in order of birth - a place which seems easy to overlook
especially being one so obliging and easy.
But you are not to be unnoticed!  Oh NO!  For one thing Olivia, you are lovely in every way.
Beautiful to look upon, and gentle of spirit.  You are a delight to your daddy and I,
and such a precious friend to (and for) your siblings.

I love you so very much sweet daughter and beloved friend.

Happy 5th Birthday little lady!


Julze said...

What a beautiful walk down memory lane...Happy 5th Birthday to your precious daighter!

Julia (New Zealand)

Pam... said...

too much sweetness for me in the morning!

Cinnamon said...

Happy Birthday Olivia ♥

All the pictures are just lovely. What a sweet smile she has. I love the cuppie cakes. They look yummy!!

Such a sweet family~ Cinnamon
p.s thank you "Momma Bug" for your sweet words on my blog. You are a dear one!

Lady Jess said...

Gorgeous photos, thank you for sharing with us! The cupcakes look delish! Very sweet apron, hun. Happy birthday, Olivia! ^_^

LindaFaye said...

What an awesome little lady you have on your hands. And I assume you have read the books with Olivia the little pig in them? They are great. (And what could be greater than having a book with your name in it?)

Mama K. said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!! Looks like she had a marvelous day! Good job Momma Bug for making it special with all the little things kiddos love (SUGAR especially). :)
Where did you get Olivia's darling birthday dress? I love it and the little leggings that you put with it!

Momma Bug said...


I love that dress too.
I found it on the clearance rack at Old Navy when we were in town - $6.50 (or something like that)!
Wish there were a couple more girl cousins here on O's special day, but we sure enjoyed you while in town.
Thanks for your generous hospitality in hosting all of us for dinner - it was FABULOUS and fun too :-)

Love you,
me said...

AWESOME!! Happy Birthday to her!!

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Miss O! 5 yrs already.

I love seeing the older pics Analene. You and Moll really look alike in them. Similar age to the years that I know Molly in the best - you could be twins!

Seems I haven't visited the blog recently enough. Quite a few blogs to catch up on. I got used to the sporatic posts! lol

I will get back in the habit of checking in regularly. :)