Friday, March 11, 2011

An unplanned detour

AJ's cousin Rob spoke at our wedding ceremonies over 13 years ago;
his eldest daughter then 2, made her way down the isle as Flower Girl along with my 4 year old sister Mattie Grace.
Rob and his family hold a dear place in our hearts and lives, yet with many miles between us it's seldom we meet.

 Last weekend as we departed Chico to head Idaho-ward, we decided to take I-5 a little farther North
just so we could impose on their hospitality and abscond with their grace!

2 years since we've seen each other, and 6 since we visited at their home,

About 10 children since then.

It was a small slice of heaven.
A full house.
An incessant din of nonstop chatter
and the discovery of friendship - both new and old.

Our beloved cousins have just started their own blog and I invite you to take a peek
because Rob and Melissa have a heart and passion to see the Invisible Hand of God
at work in the everyday-ness of life.

Something that I have been striving to see and take notice of.

 Rob has a way of sculpting words, and I would feel honored for you to know
some people we consider very dear to us!

At "the beach" near Ferndale Washington

Dearest Cousins......

You made us feel welcome in every way.  
We left your nest refreshed
and full of memories!
It is a delight to share blood ties,
but it is a privilege to share the fellowship of being family because of Jesus Christ.
Thank you for your love.


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Ella said...

What magnificent photos, Analene--and beautiful words to describe the joy that we shared in your fellowship, too. Thanks for letting us have a little part in your adventure homeward, a little part of your hearts, and a bunch of precious memories.

It really was incredible to watch the children "click"--sometimes relationships just take off like that, and it is fun to watch when they do.

Looking forward to another chance to be together with your crew!