Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wheeeeere is Bryce?

I'm afraid that question is asked too often at our house
and it's usually me doing the asking.
Not that any of the children are known to secretly stash him away in a closet,
but I usually count on their 5 pairs of eyes, and that many feet to find him out
and report.
I think the perks of being sixth-born are highly underrated!

Oh the things you can get away with.

Before I even thought to ask that question late morning today,
I spied him here.
In the midst of the school-day busyness and mayhem he was here just as you now see him
(only, both hands IN the bowl of oatmeal) and since this was all taking place below my belly
(so rather out of my sight), he had been able to enjoy his freedom
for a pleasant uninterrupted while.

What makes this picture so hilarious to me is the story behind the enterprise.

You see, Bryce and I have been waring for dominance
over the past several weeks.

At breakfast I ask him, "Are you hungry?" 
"Yah!" he replies with gusto.
"Here. I have your breakfast; say Bite Please?"
and from this point forward we find he is more determined than he is hungry
because he absolutely   will.  not.  say.  "Bite Please"

He can.
He used to.
He'll say "Bite"
And he'll say "Please"
but just so you know it's not in compliance with request,
you won't hear those two words together.

In case you wonder, I don't require this performance at every meal.
I hope I am a bit wiser after 6.  Yikes!

In any case, Bryce took matters into his own capable and chubby hands this morning
when no one was on guard.  He just helped himself to that bowl of cold left-overs
sitting on the table (apparently within reach) and moved them to a more convenient
(and inconspicuous) location.
Where I found him - caught red-handed.

You can see how he trembled at my discovery.

I guess it's not so scary to be caught by a barefoot pregnant lady
who laughs and grabs the camera, hoping you'll stick your hands back in the bowl
just because she wants to turn your naughtiness into a photo shoot.

We're not sure who won the battle today,
but one thing is becoming apparently clear...

It can really pay to be a little fish in a big pond.


SarahS said...

Oh my! He's adorable :) What a funny line we walk as parents. When to laugh and when to correct and discipline...

Cinnamon said...

Laughing through parenting - what a great way to enjoy your children.

He's a cutie pie!


Momma Bug said...

Did you get my emails? I have tried a couple times, but if you have received them...
don't hurry to get back. I just wondered.


Sarah, yes indeedy! Love you too!

J said...

cracking up at the being caught by the lady with the camera who hopes he does it again--that is so true at our house too... said...

haha reminds me of our Miss Moonbeam!! She gets bites of everybodys food and gets into everybodys stuff with more tolerance. Love your posts and can't stop loving that radiant prego pic of you :-) i'm heading back to Cold country for a visit for a few weeks, but when i get back maybe we can finally get together again.........

Momma Bug said...

I would love that Yackmom! I can't wait!

Momma Bug said...

Cinnamon, it seems like that laughing part has been too long in coming. I don't know whether it's the best method for parenting, but it's a big step forward for me personally.
It's just that I'm always pregnant or nursing (you don't know anyone like that , do you?) and the tiredness that comes with doesn't exactly promote patience :-)

I'm learning - it's a slow process, but I am.