Monday, May 2, 2011


It was a busy weekend.

AJ's folks arrived and Dad and AJ went right to town building a railing for the new staircase
which leads to the new office for AJ and Uncle Char, which will free up our guest cabin
(which is being overtaken by their current office and all it's paraphanilia), so that we can
actually accommodate guests this Summer.

Fancy that.

Somewhere along the line I believed we were moving to a remote location, and would be
forever away from family, nowhere near close enough for people to want to visit.

I was mistaken.

We've never had so much company IN OUR LIVES as we get up here!
Saturday culminated with 10 adults and 19 children.
And the weather isn't even great yet!

But isn't this the best kind of busy?
It is.


Jess said...

When you are out of the way, people come for a "real" visit instead of just popping in for a coffee. I can't wait until we have room to comfortably accommodate visitors.

Cinnamon said...

Does that mean I can come visit? hee hee

I got your note in my inbox. Wow, you dug out stationery!! I'm impressed!

We have been a "good busy" here too with dtr in love and grand dumpling. They go home tomorrow.

I love the stairway pictures. It shows saw dust, progress, little feet running up and down :-)

Are you taking it easy still? Getting lots of rest with that sweet pink cutie pie? Oh give her a squeeze for me will you ♥

hugs sweet friend~ Cinnamon

SarahS said...

Too funny:) You only Thought you were getting some privacy, Lol

Diane said...

You are blessed indeed. Funny how moving "far away" actually brought people closer. It made people realize just how precious relationships are. And it is a grand thing that once they are there, your place is one indicative of actual relationship building and such. I love it.

Still hoping I can visit sometime soonish!

I'm a bit tired and still recovering and have pain meds in if this message in a bit jumbled, forgive me!

I love you.