Friday, August 5, 2011

Growing Walls

By the end of today you could really see the cabin taking shape through  the forest trees.

Up until this evening, Clay hasn't been down at the build site as much as his brother.
You see, we've had two really cute girl guests and being social won out over working with the guys.
Those pretty young things left today and will be away for the weekend, so Clay is free
to concentrate on other skills.  Skills such as measuring.

And cutting rebar.

He sure is lookin' like a pro there!
And these other men - they are working out the kinks in drilling and driving the
rebar from higher up.

They are somewhat of a Circus act.  I can hardly wait to watch them on the 12th course.
Or the 18th.  Makes me dizzy to even think of it!

This is the "group shot".  See Wyatt in the far back still peeling away?

While taking a lunch break, AJ surveyed the work and declared it inspiring.
Wyatt, however, says it's "perspiring".

I think he's entitled to his opinion on the subject.

Sweaty, dirty, heavy, hard work and yet... the smile says it all. 
These guys are having the time of their lives!


Cinnamon said...

I love how it is coming together and everyone is helping. I always tell John there is nothing more attractive than him all dirty from working and carrying around wood....besides being in his uniform :-)

Gotta love Clay for keeping an eye on those girls ;-)


Tracy said...

Analene, is this cabin going to be a guest cabin??!! :-)


Momma Bug said...

Tracy, Maybe I can write a little bit about what this project is. I suppose there are a few who may care to know.
Are you aware that we already have a guest cabin? We do. For guests of course, and you would be a guest if you came right?
So maybe you can find a couple girl-friends that want a retreat, come do a little shopping and playing in the mountain sun!
I'll do food if you come... :-)

If you ever think of entertaining such an outlandish thought, leave me your email in a comment and I'll delete it right away.

Remember... guest cabin... it has to have guests stay there to be what it is!

celt said...

That is such "Wyatt comment!" Tell him hello.