Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Socks for 18 Feet

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

That's the idea behind a new series of posts I'm going to write for the purpose of reminding
myself that we have systems that work well for the function and rhythm of our family.
I may need to refer back.

Being larger in number forces us to be creative about things a household of 4 takes for granted.
Food shopping and meal planning become an undertaking, and making sure there's at least one
pair of jeans without holes in them when we venture into public, is no small feat.

It's tempting to read all the books - pages of method that works for someone else, and actually,
I'm really glad those books exist - but in reality, we've refined a lot of our own ideas that have
increased my sanity, and I'm often amazed at what I cam up with all on my own!

May I remember that what works for one isn't necessarily for me;
and may you be humored, encouraged, or enlightened as you take a peep into
what works for me.

What Works For Me #1

I  buy only white socks.
I buy one size for my two boys (who are only a size apart in shoe);
I buy another size for the two big girls (same thing), and the only differentiating
feature is that the boys have grey bottoms and the girls are all white.
Bryce's socks are a tiny version of the big boys, and Lina has white with a pink toe.

[The dad of the family and I get whatever color socks we want]

My goal is to match socks quickly, not need to look for one lone sock, and never guess
which socks belong to whom.  I match all the socks of one size/color and divide the
matched pairs equally between owners.
I like this system because "extra" socks that don't get a mate are thrown back into the
sock drawer and after several loads of laundry they eventually end up with a partner.

After trying several brands, I've fallen in love with Jeffries.  I buy crew socks for my
crew (no pun intended) because they wear boots year-round and like the taller socks.
I think Jeffries is more expensive than other common brands (at about $2 per pair),
but have found them to last for twice to 3x as long and still be as soft as when I bought them!
My children find them a lot more comfortable than other brands they've worn,
and I love that I can order them off Amazon.
LOVE not having to go to the store for socks!


Kimberly said...

Analene, I am so glad that you are doing this "series!" It is always great to get new ideas on how to simplify this big feat of covering littles feet:) (and other helpful topics for those with lots of little kiddos) I'm looking forward to some new ideas! Love, Kimberly

LindaFaye said...

Good for you. I just read a blog about how to travel with a big family... I can't remember the name. I'll think about it though...

LindaFaye said...

here it is. :)

Momma Bug said...

Thanks Linda! That's pretty fun:-)