Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What the cat dragged in

Travis came.
The beloved Travis of 1am calls to be towed out of the mud.
The Travis who is at the core of every best summer camp story
and many a narrow escape (even some interesting captures).
The Travis who gave my boys a go-cart he repaired.  And a three wheeler.
The Travis who can fix anything with an engine.  And does.  Most often for other people.
The Travis who treats my children like people.  And they think he's the cats pajamas.
The Travis you would call in a pinch.  Because you know he'd bale you out of a situation.
Without batting an eye.  Or keeping tally.  Or expecting a favor in return.
That Travis.
The Travis we love!
He not only brought a very lovely wife and darling baby on this visit...
He brought this beast.

Everyone was thrilled beyond description!
One person in particular.

It's none too early to covet a monster set of wheels, and the menfolk lost no time
in seeing where they'd make tracks through the forest.  And the creek.
I heard all about it.  Being regaled with accounts of the expedition
was enough excitement for this momma!


Hi Travis!
 Having fun?
Wait. What?  My front yard?  I see that nothing is off limits!

Oh.  He also brought Sunny.
Sunny is a big dog!

There were other toys too.

Don't forget the Teeter Totter!

Travis sure has some pretty girls.

There are some that can't get enough of a good long visit.

There's absolutely no denying it...
...We love our Travis!


Sally said...

Loved the pix--loved seeing all the fun--specially loved the photo of Zack on the Bronco! Where have I seen that look of pride and excitement over that vehicle before??? Or maybe it was over a big yellow truck????

Julia said...

oh what FABULOUS photos!! I love love love them!

outdoor.mom said...

that looks like a LOT of fun!!