Saturday, August 27, 2011

Because She Rolls

(Which we found out the hard way, though everybody survived).

And because she is a girl.
And also because girls appreciate pretty things (even if they are only 4 months old).
I can tell that Aloria appreciates pretty things, can't you?

So out went Bryce, in came the crib, and even though she doesn't get her own room,
she gets her own niche.  A very cute, very comfortable niche I might add!
We have always had limited sleeping quarters and I've only had the luxury of a nursery
once (and that only for a couple months).  However, I found that there are times when it's
conceivable to make much of what little I do have.
This time, what I have is a crib and a crib-size spot in my room to put it.

I had been debating how to doll up her little corner, and when a package came
in the mail from Auntie Heather with a hand crocheted fuzzy pink and melon colored baby blanket...
I knew.
And there was this mosquito netting set aside for just the "right" place, a paper star lantern,
and a myriad of quilts with special significance and the perfect pops of color.

The inspiration:

1.  Auntie Heather's soft sherbet afghan.
2.  Baby quilt that belonged to Aloria's Pops (AJ's dad).
3. A baby quilt I made before I was even expecting Zack.  I signed up for a class
    at a Honeyrun Quilters and used flour sack reproduction prints thinking I'd enjoy
    sharing it with all my babies one day!
4. Cotton and flannel blanket I made for Aloria.  Both prints are Valori Wells and
    may be ordered from Amazon.
    (she designs some of my favorite bird fabrics!)
    44'' Wide Valori Wells Wrenly Mamma Birds Cobalt Fabric By The Yard
5.  Throw pillows upcycled from my couch (I've been wanting to use that word for
      a while now: upcycled.  It's very in vogue!)
      I made them last year, and the yellow is another of my favorite designers Anna Maria Horner.
6.  Quilt made for my Carolina by loving hands, and one of the most accomplished
     quilters I know, Deborah (Thank you Deborah - I just love it!)
7.  2 paisley flannel receiving blanket with crocheted edging, made by Gramsie.
     I use these blankets for literally everything!
8.  Retro crib found and restored by Gramsie for Zachary 10 years ago and loved by
     me again every time I put a new baby in it:-)
9.  Paper star lantern.  I bought these on line and don't use them as lamps, though I do
     have a few hanging in my living room as bold splashes of color.
10.Mosquito netting from IKEA.  I love IKEA.  'Nuff said.

I am happy.  Aloria is a bit safer with 4 sides to keep her contained.
When my Dearly Beloved saw my handiwork he said "You're enjoying having a girl"
and do ya know?  I think he's right!


Jaclyn Hicks said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! We are expecting our first, and my husband will be making the crib....I love all your quilts!

Momma Bug said...

Jaclyn! Congratulations!!!!!
What a wonder:-)

being molded said...

How sweet is she and her special space :). I'm listening to pouring rain as Hurricane Irene begins in NJ. Thank you for helPing me smile!

Congratulations Jaclyn! What a blessing.

Courtney said...

Oh friend, I love it! especially with the netting. I love all the quilts, but my favorite is the one you made for Aloria. You are so good at making things beautiful.
Love you ~ Courtney
PS Only 16 days till I get to see you!

LindaFaye said...

When my kids saw me looking at your blog they asked how many bedrooms these kids and where did they all sleep. I thought that was cute. :)

Sally said...

I had forgotten your little "flour sack print" quilt you made--it is my favorite of all the quilts on the crib! Fun post, Ana!

Pam... said...

...and she rolls in dreamy, color filled style!! How fun. Missed you lil sis. Pray for your lovely family often. Keep smiling for Him.

Xenia Kathryn said...

What a gorgeous little nook for Aloria. Those quilts are so beautiful! Thanks for explaining each of them, it's always fun to know the story behind a quilt. said...

she is SO BEAUTIFUL!! your crib is lovely too :-)