Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Two weeks down

Exactly how many are left is anyone's guess.

With 11 courses in place, the final step to culminate this two week adventure was setting the RPSL's.
On my way to the build site to take these pictures, I was thinking to myself
"Self?  What in the world does RPSL stand for?"  and then my mind muttered to itself
"Well... those two logs are meant to hold up..the..ridge.....Pole!  HEY?"
and then my pea brain got very excited as it cracked the code "Ridge Pole Support Logs"
R.P.S.L. Yep, they're all there with no letters left over!  Am I good or what?  WooHOO!
So this log you see above was hoisted over the half-built wall and set upright upon a vertical piece
of rebar which protruded from a concrete footing.

So now with the RPSL's set, we relax.
For now.

Our hard-workin' Help left.  We are currently waiting on more logs to be delivered and then
there will be a bunch more peeling to do.  AJ plans to putter away on this project himself,
and is looking forward to doing so.  I expect Ryan will be out one more time to help get
a roof on before winter, but otherwise you know as much as I do.  I will take more pictures
as there is progress to report!

There it is.  The product of two weeks of muscle, and lots and lots of hours in preparation!

Good work guys!


Courtney said...

Yeah, I am highjacking Courtney's account again ;-)
I have to admit the third picture makes me say "OUCH" but I am looking forward to stacking some logs.-Stephen

Momma Bug said...

Stephen, I only saw that kind of two-man-sit-on-the-ground heft when the RPSL's were being lifted over the wall.
However, this is the kind of fun that "ouch" is all about!