Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fort Marvel (not really)

The log cabin project is nearing the end of this phase.  Our Colorado crew returns to their home
day after tomorrow, and the walls  are not completed.  To some ears this may be music.
In fact, this is a sweet tune to more than a few pair of ears because there are a lot of sore
parts creaking and hobbling around here.  Sore shoulders, sore backs, sore hands,
sore knuckles, sore buns...
I hear that logs are not conducive to sitting on while pounding rebar with a 10 pound sledge hammer.
So yeah. Sore buns.

Despite the walls being little more than half built, I am totally impressed with all the hard work
which accomplished this much!  The men were just perfecting their method and finding a groove,
when height added a new challenge.

Then things slowed down a bit.  Some of this difficulty will be solved with scaffold planking.
Speaking of scaffold planks (since you asked), this new toy mill will be used to fashion them.

These pictures are for you Stephen:

Not to worry - the heights will soon be scaled.  Cessation is merely temporary until we figure out this
way-awesome mill and an education is procured through experience coupled with more soreness
most probably.

You have to admit this is pretty impressive though, eh?  I think so.  My Honey built this Stockade looking fortress!
What a MAN!

8 comments: said...

great pics!! you have SUCH A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! Oh goodness :-) I feel like i'm there with all these neat shots. Hope the cabin building keeps on schedule and that all goes well. Hope to get to the lake with you next time!! Maybe you should get some of the evening lake ones up :-)

Cinnamon said...

Yes it is impressive!! What a great job they are doing. Poor guys with all their sore creaking parts but what a great way to get those sore creaking parts :-)

Mailing off your note today~ Cinnamon

JMB Ranch said...

Your very own cabin in the woods! I am enjoying each stage and can't wait for the next. My honey is a builder too. He actually (I helped)built our home. It amazes me how these men can create such huge projects. I get excited over building a birdhouse!
Marvel Hill is a special place, thanks for sharing.
Your friend,

Sally said...

Dad has been enjoying the progress in photos too--loved the new pix as well.


Momma Bug said...

Mom! Yes, I was thinking of Dad when I posted those so tell him they were just for him (along with Stephen)

Sally said...

I figured you had Dad in mind too, but wanted to let you know (since he doesn't comment on your blog) how closely he has been following the progress of the project, and how very much he has enjoyed every picture!
Love, me

Courtney said...

Thanks for the pictures of the toys, everybody loves "Lincoln Logs" and building forts in the woods. And who wouldn't want a monster chain saw on a frame. We are very excited about seeing it all in person and maybe adding a few logs to the pile.

Mommy Reg said...

I love the way you are telling the story of this great build. So cool and fun. Your boys have to be in heaven with all the "toys" ;) they get to "play" with during this very educational experience.