Monday, August 8, 2011

What goes UP, must come down.

Or... "What is already down, has no obligation to go the direction you desire."

I admit, I was a skeptic.
I don't understand how a TP tube, tape, and hot glue can be a space-traveling vehicle.
Oh me of little faith!

Zachary built this rocket entirely on his own.  Own idea.  Own design.  Own follow-through;
and when rocket fuel was installed, a launch pad constructed, and a daring dad and uncle summoned....
I waited from far, far away, and waited with camera in hand through every false start
until Aloria's cries from inside the house could no longer be ignored.
When I cam back out there was smoke billowing from a ditch and quite a bit of hootin' and hollarin'
from the sidelines.  I still can't believe I missed it!

(That's right kiddies, duck behind that log!)

I am told that the rocket actually went up.  A little ways anyhow
before it began to spiral out of control. (Thank YOU Dad! For putting the kids behind a barricade)
finally landing mere yards from where Zachary stood watching. 

According to his assessment, the problem lay mainly with a bent fin.

Yep.  I'd say that's bent.

Fortunately (so he tells me), the rocket is in near-perfect condition; and my head has been
spinning all day as I listen to how the next launch will be perfected:
"...and then I'll cut the red wire and divide it into three parts..."
"...all I need is a AA battery..."
"....dividing the wires and reconnecting them to the white wire..."
"...more rocket fuel..."
And so on until my eyes glaze over.
Only now,

I actually believe him!


Courtney said...

Way to go, Zachary!! Maybe we can see it in flight when we are there.
Love ya, Mrs. Smith

Sally said...

Oh Hooray!! So glad Z finally launched his project which has been in his imagination and in progress so long. We are so proud of this first success & have no doubt each modification and flight will improve--he is a man with ideas and determination. xxxooo--Job well done, Zack!

Sally said...
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Sally said...

Somehow managed to post the same comment twice, which is why you have a deleted comment, Analene.

Momma Bug said...

Got to get him really going in the sciences this year. He will eat it up, and maybe once I see him excel in his strong areas I won't feel so defeated in the ones we struggle with.
He has quite a mind!