Wednesday, August 3, 2011


They arrived!!!

 It's a good thing too, because a log cabin just isn't the same without logs.

It was like we'd never seen logs before.

Let me tell you, 
I'm pretty sure this guy had unloaded logs a few times before.

The sorting begins!
And every log here has to be peeled (this is only half of them and that's Wyatt peeling away).

I'm glad I'm not one of the men ;-)



Cinnamon said...

I am enjoying watching this all. What fun! I was showing John some different posts on your blog the other day...things I loved....the swing....the extra bedroom. He smiled. I told him "see why I'd love to go visit?" and he said "yes but you'd never want to come home.....neither would I." ;-)


SarahS said...

"It was like we'd never seen logs before" LOL!


Courtney said...

We don't want to come home when we visit, see you guys in September.
Maybe there will still be a little bit of work left when we get up there.