Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's the Story?

These Log Cabin posts, what are they all about anyway?

I've been posting pictures of logs, dirt, tools, and working men without any explanation.
Mostly because I'm picture journaling our project for us; and secondly, those I thought
interested in watching our progress already know about it through other means.

I've noticed a sad lack of comments lately, and while I know I'm out of my
usual genre of writing, I figure my recent fare is more interesting to the masculine curiosity.
(Boys, feel free to comment.  AJ will read all your words, wise cracks, and two cents)

Girls - I forgive you for having nothing to say on the subject of logs, block and tackle,
impact hammers, and rebar. 
For the enquiring soul, I now give a simple (and brief) account of what the Marvel Hill
Mad Scientists are up to most recently.


Through some of the friendships we built in our move to Colorado four years ago
(in the days before Idaho and Marvel Hill) we learned about a Log Building class
which teaches a But and Pass method of construction purported to be
one of the cheapest and easiest ways to build a dwelling.

Last spring my Great Guy along with a couple other fine fellows decided
to drive to Washington to see for themselves, so signed up for the 2 day class

offered by the Log Home Builder's Association

I'm sure it's unnecessary to say this, but here it is:  Once home again, they were eager
to try all they had learned, and thence began the planning of this particular project.

This cabin is a collaborated effort by AJ and several friends of his who attended the class.
It is 20'x20' with a second story loft, sitting on a plot of land at the Southeast section of our property.
It's intended use will be for a vacation retreat by the  family of one of our builders
(who happen also, to be friends of ours) ;-)

I hope that gives a framework for our recent posts.
I imagine that's more than most of you wanted to know, but any other information
will be confined to specific answers to your questions - and then I may request AJ
do the honors (since he actually understands what's what!)

So that's that.
Thank you for humoring my fifty-zillion pictures of logs, dirt, tools, and men working
while this project continues!

Hoisting a log into place.

When muscles were required:

A bit of play:


Cinnamon said...

Thank you for the explanation. What fun to have friends who enjoy you so much they want to be close to you during their vacation time :-)

I am loving all the pictures and progress. It's all beautiful.

My favorite picture is of your two cuties, Bryce and your blondie girl on the log.....sagging down...watching and waiting. Too cute!


Stephen said...

AJ, is it as time consuming as it sounds to index and catalog all of the logs to keep the courses level? I do have to admit that seeing you pull on the ropes to get the logs into place makes my shoulder scream just looking at it. How high are you going for the walls?

Unknown said...

I am still new to this blog thing, I think I needed to do this one so I could get email follow ups. I prefer hammers, saws, nails, rebar, sledge hammers, guns, chain saws, and even those sissy little osculating sanders to computers.

Kimberly said...

Analene, please keep the pictures coming! How fun to see someone actually doing it after all our dreaming!!! Wish we could hop over to be of some help! Love, Kimberly

Jess said...

Jon would love doing that :)

Momma Bug said...

Stephen, are you also the great "Unknown"?

I'll tell you what I think.
It is not consuming at all.
If you are me.
OR you, because in YOUR case, you have Courtney catalog.
(See? I can answer simple questions!)
She is good at that sort of thing.
So is AJ.
Maybe AJ could come catalog...

Anyway. The walls will be 18 courses total.
That is, unless the unforseen intervenes.

Yeah anyway.
AJ's turn.

Courtney said...

Yes, I am the great unknown. Like I said I am new to this whole blog thing. Even this comment is incognito. - Unknown