Friday, October 31, 2008

Sorely Missed...

Oh beloved books!
Beloved books!
How we missed you these last twelve months!

When we filled our van to max capacity and drove it to Colorado nearly a year ago, we took only the things we most needed.
This did include books, but the list was carefully whittled down to: only the most cherished; and the immediately necessary for school.
All the rest of the books went into plastic Rubbermaid bins, as we blotted our eyes with hankies and bid them farewell for who-knew-how-long.
Not really, but it was almost that traumatic! I bet Suzanne is with me here?

Anyway, our books sat in storage in California, then traveled to Idaho and sat even longer locked away in their dark untouched piles.

Last night though...
I had completed the painting of my living room, and planted our tired little bookcases in the corners where they will reside until a "real" wall-size bookcase is built. (So that could be some time from now!)
And then, with my faithful REI headlamp a'burning I made numerous trips up and down the stairs to unearth our hidden treasure.
What fun I had in making sure the books were placed carefully in the right order on the shelves.
Would the children's books best serve us on the bottom shelf?
At the farther corner of the room?
Or at the nearer corner which is also in the walk-way and in front of the wood stove. Hmmm...

Not to give you the false impression that I am an organized person by nature, but it seems that bookshelves are one of those places that look so nice when tidied up, and occasionally they stay that way for two days put together.
Hence I take delight in making order of the books:-)

This morning I was rewarded with exclamations of delight for at least four hours, as my children discovered last nights handiwork.
It was worth staying up late for, and worth being awake this morning for!!

"Oh MOM! This is my favorite book!"

"Oh MOM! THANK YOU... I LOVE this book!"

"MOM, look! Look! I forgot about THIS one!"

And so the happy voices rang out holding up first this book, and then that, as they reacquainted themselves with dear old friends.

Makes me think I should take all their toys and put them up for a year! :-)


Mommy Reg said...

Oh, books sweet books. I would probably need to be committed without my books.
It's like they got an early Christmas.

Momma Bug said...

That was EXACTLY it Mommy Reg!!

Suzanne said...

Now that one choked me up. Very touching- I can so relate. Oh, lovely books, but even more lovely is watching our children share our love for them!