Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Sixth First

I think I have been feeling those fluttery baby movements for a couple weeks now, but today I got my fist real kick! Fifteen weeks is a little early for me. I usually have that pleasure at closer to seventeen weeks, even though I often attempt to antagonize the baby into a response well before then;-)

And here is a picture of me looking pregnanter and pregnanter - especially for 15 weeks. This is especially to oblige my Colorado girl-friends who can now believe me when I said I don't waste any time chubbing out!

When was your earliest baby movement noticed?


Life throws you surprises! said...

I felt one of my daughters arund 12/13 weeks. It was a tiny flutter but it was there.

Congrats! What a blessing to have another little one.

Katie said...

How I wish I was were you are and not still here in the land of the sick. I too chub up really quickly and I am already looking like I am showing even though it is all just fat:-) I think my earliest movement I have felt was about 14 weeks. I am really anxious for another month to pass so I can feel baby movements and KNOW there is really a little one in there making me this sick!

Love you,

Jess said...

wohoo! A belly! how exciting! I miss my belly. I think my earliest was about 15 weeks

Courtney said...

Oh my friend - you look great! I love your little tummy. You still look beautiful as always. I think the average time has been about 17 weeks or so. My honey is telling me I did feel movement earlier than that with earlier pregnancies. - I wonder if I feel them later now because I am busy with other kiddos ;) Love ya

Photo Momma said...

You look GREAT! You don't look chubby, just very cute and pregnant. I love it!

jenny said...
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jenny said...

ok, posting malfunction.

sigh. you are adorable. look at that awesomely cuter than cute belly!!! thank you thank you for posting a photo!!! a belly does not mean chubbin' out, btw!
my noticed movements were earlier and earlier with each, 9-10 weeks with my last two. i was floored. yay for baby flutters!!!! you're a hottie, mrs. bug.

Lady Jess said...

Oh, how adorable!

Mommy Reg said...

You are so cute! I explode quickly and look like I am ready to deliver at 6 months. I usually feel real movements between 15 and 16 weeks. I love it when I start feeling the baby then I really know someone is in there. :)

Ashley said...

You look beautiful! I love your baby belly!

Momma Bug said...

WOW! I have the nicest of friends!!

I've never been referred to as a "hottie" before Jenny, but I could use that kind of description at this point in time :-)

When I said "chubbing out" I wasn't thinking of my belly. I was thinking of the twelve pounds that have attached themselves to, um... various and sundry other parts of my body;-)

I'd guess I'm measuring at twenty weeks and am assuredly fifteen weeks. Do you think it's more likely that I'm "stretched out" or that there's more than one in there?
I'm not advertising that idea until I have a real reason to believed that suspicion. Just wondering.

Katie, I wish you weren't so sock too, and I hope you soon get to experience all the joys and fun of expecting another little one. It truly IS a labor of love, and for the record, you looked lovely for such a petite little lady nine months pregnant! I hope you'll post pictures too since I humbled myself;-)

Courtney, I miss you.
I posted that picture in black and white for you. I am wearing a lovely new hot pink shirt, but the gray seemed so much more serene! :-P 17 weeks is the norm for me too. Since my very first, I find my hands resting on my belly at every time I am lounging or in bed. Always hoping to feel those signs of life - and it doesn't stop when they prove their existance!

Jess, I cannot believe you are missing that baby belly when you have a perfectly adorable little baby on the OUTSIDE to be enjoyed. (and remember the hot weather?)
This belly IS something to be cherished as long as I have to endure it anyway. How good is our God to shower such blessings upon us who deserve so much less!
Truly, I am thankful:-)

You gals are the BEST!!

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Ok Sis...I have a little something for you on my site. Check it out.

Uncle and Auntie Hightower <>< said...

Do you know that you never told me yourself that you were pregnant...I found out from one of my friends who reads your blog...hmmm
Nick and I had a wonderful little get away. He took us to the coast where we went on our honey moon and it was awesome, we even took Cali and she got to play on the beach for the first time! =)

Grace McHugh said...

Stunning, beautiful, feminine. I knew you would be adorable! Thank you for letting us Colorado girls see you with a belly. You realize you will need to post regular pictures of your profile. :) Hugs to you my gorgeous friend. My flutters started every time we began filling out adoption paperwork. :)

Momma Bug said...

Dear Grace, Those flutters must be amazing!!
(Have you had any recently?) ;-)
I love you!

SarahJane said...

Amazing how quickly you forget the icky feeling as well as the flutters, and how much the desire to feel the flutters again outweighs the desire to never feel that sick again :)
Do let us know when you get some sort of clue as to how many bugs you have in that cute little belly. Love you and happy birthday again!!

Grace McHugh said...

We are filling out paperwork for number four! I have the baby bug bad!!!!!! Praying for an infant girl and hopefully this year. WOO HOO!!!

Momma Bug said...

Woo-Hoo!! I'M getting the flutters for you!!!!!
Please please PLEASE keep me posted dear friend! I'll be praying for you and your dear family:-)

Love you,

Lauren said...

With my first I felt it definitely around 14 weeks, but I was wondering about some suspicious fluttery feelings before then. : )

We just had an ultrasound and found out that we're just over 9 weeks along with this one, with a due date of November 4 - 2 days before our first little guy's 1st birthday, and exactly 9 months after his due date! : )

princessmama said...

Cute, cute cute belly!!

I think I was SURE I felt babe number one moving at 15 wks and was told "that's awefully early for a first-time mom" in a tone that said clearly "I don't believe you really felt it" Hmph!!!!!