Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Humble Me Lord!

My feet hurt.
My cart was full.
My 37 week pregnant belly tightened in another Braxton-Hicks contraction.
The children were doing well - very well in fact - but the lunch hour had passed and I was still dragging them through the store... hungry. We all were.
Tired too.
And my feet hurt.

There had already been more than a few raised eyebrows and hushed exclamations as I passed through the aisles with my brood in tow. I made no eye contact with anyone, and hoped that my body language conveyed I was in no mood to field comments.
know the kind.

It was inevitable after being in the store so long that I would eventually be accosted. The odds were against me, and so eventually it DID happen.

It came from an unlikely person, and were words I hadn't heard before.

The woman, a gal probably my own age or a few years older, a slender figure with a trendy haircut and one young boy sitting in her cart reached out her hand to gain my attention.
Once she caught my eye, she said to me with full emotion

"I just have to tell you, I am SO jealous! SO jealous!"
(sweeping her hand in a gesture encompassing all my children)
"My husband made me stop at three... I am SO JEALOUS!"

Have you heard that one before? Honestly?
As she continued on her way shaking her head subtly and looking wistfully over her shoulder, I nearly started weeping right there next to the apples!

I should have.
Just to show the Lord my gratitude I should have wept.
I am among woman richly blessed!!

I was rightly subdued, and pondering the rich treasure heaped upon me and surrounding the outside of my cart...

My feet hurt a little less:-)


Photo Momma said...

Wow, what a blessing from the Lord... your children of course but hearing words from a stranger to bless your heart.

Xenia Kathryn said...

Praise God! An angel, perhaps, in disguise? What a blessing :)

J said...

Wow. How rare. If only more mommas were jealous of that! The Lord knew it was good not to send another, "Are they all yours" or "You have your hands full" at that moment, eh? I am jealous that you are going to be holding your baby so SOON! Yay for every one of those horribly inconvenient Braxton Hicks. I know, remind me of that comment when I am nearing the finish line and I am hungry pushing a cart with aching body parts.
Love to you.

Grace McHugh said...

Incredible. I was already getting upset for you as I was reading. Then.........what a blessing the Lord bestowed on you.

Ashley said...

Wow, certainly never heard of anyone saying that before!

Praying for you Analene!!!

Diane said...

Oh. That is way too cool. What a blessing for an actual "good" comment. You are blessed. Praying for you as you finish this home stretch. Missing you lots too. Love you sis.

Katie said...

I would have to admit that I am a little jealous too:-)but I am going to be thankful for my 3 and what God has put on the heart of my own husband. You are a blessed, blessed mama!

Mommy Reg said...

You are so blessed. What a wonderful encouragement God sent you at just the right moment. Remember each Braxton Hicks is just one more contraction closer to holding your wee one.

Momma Bug said...

The thing about MY Braxton Hicks is that they start at about four months along, Oh sure, they get more uncomfortable at this stage, but it's hard to imagine them making progress for me - I hope they are!!

Just in the last couple days I am doing another big growth spurt and imagining which three items of clothing I will be utterly sick of at the end of three weeks or so.
I told AJ that Moo-moos are looking REAL good right now!! ;-D

I was and still am blessed by the words of that dear lady, but it is the Lord I glorify because of them.
I am reminded of something I often forget: my cup runneth over.

It surely does.

Jess said...

Amen. I had one of those too. After a woman had stopped in the McDonald's carpark SPECIFICALLY to tell me that I have my hands full (in disapproving tones) and a string of other events, incidents and comments - a lady looked over her front fence and exclaimed joyfully "OH! Aren't you LUCKY!" It makes a girl feel better!

princessmama said...

Analene, my braxton hicks start as soon as that bump makes itself known too. It is hard to imagine them making any progress as far as labor goes, lol.

What a beautiful encouragement to recieve. God was just waiting to spring that blessing on you :)

When nothing fits and everything hurts don't you just wish you could stay in bed til it's over?! LOL

Love you, Me :D

Momma Bug said...

Haha! That sounds might nice Sarah!
I like the way you think:-)

I don't have a terrible nesting urge - perhaps because I've been "nesting" for the past few months at Marvel Hill. However I am looking forward to "home-ifying" the bedroom for both me and the baby. At the moment there's no furniture that would even hold a clock or water bottle, so I'm going to search the thrift stores and craigslist in high aspirations!

I love ya!
(and love the pictures of your boys:-))


SarahJane said...

Just the other day I got an: "Are they ALL yours?" C'mon now, I only have 3! Since when did 3 kids become such a "handful"? Praying for you Analene in the coming weeks!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you my other dear Sarah in Oregon :-)

My favorite line I read the other day on Resoleved2worship (check out that blog if you can):

"I just have two and I'm going crazy" answer:
"I've got seven and I'm going crazy! We have something in common! Let's be friends!"

Ha! Isn't that the truth though!!! Numbers have very little to do with it ;-D

pam said...

You have a very uplifting and beautiful blog, momma bug. Praise the Lord for His work in your life.