Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Occasion to Remember

We are so far away from what has always (up till now) been home and yet...
We are home. Our Colorado home - filled with an abundance of our Colorado friends.

My friend Mrs. Smith hosted the most lovely baby shower for Bryce on Saturday, and since he is a wee bit small to eat Chocolate Eclairs, Cheesecake, and Custard Tart; and since his coordination isn't up to par with playing games or opening gifts yet...
I generously applied myself to all those things in his stead so I could tell him all about the experience when he is old enough to appreciate it :-)

I am so good to him! ;-D

Here are a few of those I love: Lauri, Chloe, and Sadie.
These ladies (delivered to us by Lauri's Great Guy) couldn't stay for the party but came early to exchange hugs and kisses, and to help Mrs. Smith put the finishing touches on things. THANK YOU dearest ones!!

This is Mrs. Smith.

See the beautiful Cheesecake down in the left corner? Mrs. Smiths mother made for me (er, Bryce) and it was a delectable in taste as well as appearance! (THANK YOU Mom of M. Smith!!!)

(Shhhh... don't tell AJ about the dark chocolate!)

Gramsie (and Carolina) sucking on...

For a game - you know, who can slurp all the water out of one the fastest.
Well I'll tell ya, it wasn't me! I really don't know how a baby gets liquid out of one of those things!

And honestly, this is when I realized why men avoid "Showers".
It's all becoming clear;-)

Do take note of my jewelry. Zachary Christian made this necklace and bracelet for me particularly for this occasion.
It was just beautiful! I loved wearing it and thinking of his kindness towards his ol' momma:-)

I felt so loved upon. So cherished by my Lord through all these precious women.
I know some others that would have liked to be there and I missed them sorely.
My mom and sisters especially.

I also consider so many of you blogging ladies my friends and would have loved for you to join in celebrating with us!

It was a lovely, lovely time.


Holly Days Closet said...

I would have love being there in fact I'd like you to email me privitely I have something for you and would like to know how to get it to you. Email is
I hope to hear from you soon
Holly Days

Diane said...

Glad you shared this! Wish my gift would have been there in time for your shower! lol

Of course it is always fun to receive gifts in the mail. I am setting a goal to sew this week. Of course, I've got to get the fabric in the wash first! lol
Hmm. You are probably pretty tipped of to what I am making you, but oh well! Some of it will still be a surprise!

Love you.

Diane said...

P.S. Tell Mrs. Smith she is a beautiful lady! Love her pic with Bryce!

Jess said...

Oh how much fun! What a lovely day :)

J said...

Delightful! Sorry I did not make it. Between the weather and my 2 sick boys we just didn't think it wise...darn it! What a lovely time and love from Mrs. S for all her work! Look for a package in the mail this week. :)

princessmama said...

Looks like a lovely time :)

Lady Jess said...

We were there in spirit ;) Well, it looks like you had a lovely time!

Lady Jess said...

Ah, yes, the ever famous Mrs. Smith! lol

Grace McHugh said...

What a lovely shower! So sorry I did not make it. :( Guess I will just have to visit you on my own and get to hold the baby as long as I want. :)

Momma Bug said...

Grace, that would be a welcome recompense :-)
Please do!