Thursday, October 22, 2009

Table for Two Expanded

We woke to a white world this morning.

Isn't it magnificent how the sun penetrates the mist? I asked the children if they were sure it was snow - maybe it was a dusting of powdered sugar? It looked like it could be!

Thanks all, for your insightful thoughts regarding the proper place to seat yourself when on a romantic date.

I was surprised that the consensus was fairly divided (I don't know why I should be).
Some of you prefer sitting across from your beloved so as to gaze into his eyes, while others were adamant about sitting beside him; with one more option suggested which I had carelessly overlooked.
Karl (husband of my old OLD friend Shauna) offered that third solution. Read here.

All in all, I was glad to see that you gals actually HAD an opinion on the subject. That indicated to me that you do indeed go on dates with your husband (or at least dream of it!).

My personal preference is to sit next to my great guy.
I guess that's because we somehow manage to have those eye gazes over the kitchen island, and deep conversation in between detailed descriptions of Lego creations, animated explanations regarding the latest artwork, several small wrestlers tackling daddy, and a ballerina dancing pirouettes through the living room.
There's a lot of little bodies coming between us these days, and it's often stiff competition for me!

Yep. Beside it is for me!

Although... after reading Karl's narrative I am inclined to think it a good idea to TEST all the options once again. A couple or three more dates?
A scientific experiment, if you will.
Just in case...

I could change my mind. But if not, at least it would ensure that we are getting optimum romance out of our dates!


Shauna said...

Thankyou for pointing out that I am an OLD friend. Now would that be in age or number of years we have known one another? Maybe both?
What a wonderfully white world you have there! Our God is truly amazing!

Momma Bug said...

I thought I'd make a point of what an old friendship we have, but isn't' it true that we're getting old?
;-) I DO love you anyway!!!


2homeschool said...

Yeah, were all getting old... When did that happen? I noticed my kids are even starting to get old, which must make me really old. :-)

Andrew will be Ten in March. TEN! Thats over half way to grown. Scary!

Your wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, increadible snow is well... wonderful, beautiful, fabulous and increadible.

Wishing we were all together!

Momma Bug said...

Now THAT would be fun! I wish you were here too. Just imagine how wonderful Heaven will be?

Love you!

princessmama said...

What gorgeous pictures Analene:) My boys are very jealous, they are longing for enough snow to sled in. We are not even close to getting snow here,and when we do it usually melts between each snowfall, so there's rarely enough for sledding. Not that we have to drive far to get it, they'd just rather have it at home, lol. All the dads are happy they don't have to drive to work in the snow though. And I don't know what the point of my rambling is, just chatting I guess :)

pam said...

I love the snowy landscape. Beautiful. Of course I will pray for the ones you mentioned...and I already pray for you.
It is a good exhortation to encourage everyone you know to put their marriage as a priority, and do whatever it takes.
One can never go wrong by making even great things greater. I am all for that.
I have been like Martha lately, troubled about many things. (Here's a brief synopsis: we have a homeschool co op. There are a lot of moms there who aren't acting like Christians. It is getting troubling to me, yet the children enjoy it.I love it, I hate it! This is one of the things I need to give over to my husband completely to decide what we should do.)

Just didn't want you to worry about me too much! I am just going through growing (in the Lord) pains! I do appreciate what you said. Thanks for caring. Thanks for taking time to give people the "push" they need toward the "best things". You must have been a great blessing to your mom and younger siblings.

Momma Bug said...

Dear Pam,

I didn't intend to sound so anxious! I guess I do feel a little sensitive to the importance of not letting anything become wall - even a teeny tiny one:-)

I hope your husband will offer some insight for you as you need it. How good it is that the Holy Spirit gives us discernment and a conscience. It is a tool we sometimes don't pay quite enough attention to! You are a wise woman though. I'll be asking the Lord to give you peace in making the best decision you can!

And thank you. My mom is the dearest of women. I love her very very much!

Love to you,