Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun Rhyming with...

Zany Zoo

Fried Egg Friday and a trip to the library produced this book last week.

All the poems in this book have darling puns at the end of them. The children have all really enjoyed it - they loved the colorful pictures and sing-song-ish rhymes - however the puns are probably going to be enjoyed more by mom.
There are some pretty cute ones, and I actually laughed out loud!

Harry the Horse

by William Wise

Harry the horse loved a dentist,
And so, to her office he went,
Gave her flowers, and said, "I've a toothache!"
And considered it money well spent.

But she said, "I'll not treat your toothache!
I'm a mare who grew up in the South,
Where you're taught not to listen to strangers
Or to look a gift horse in the mouth!"

Or this: (do you relate?)

A Big Family

by William Wise

Olga the otter
Was a mother supreme.
She had enough children
For a large soccer team.

But her kids were so many,
She sometimes lost track of them,
Till she dressed them in shirts,
With their names on the back of them.

And they say after that,
It was not an illusion,
That they all lived in less
Than otter confusion.


Next time you're at the library check out Zany Zoo by William Wise. Illustrations by Lynn Munsinger.
It might make your day!


Grace McHugh said...

What a great book! I love puns. Thank you for sharing!

princessmama said...

Cute:) Sounds like a fun book.

Holly Days Closet said...

Love the poems. Have you ever read Shel Silverstein. My kids loved his work when they were little and still do.They have most of his books.

Momma Bug said...

Hmm. That name doesn't ring a bell, but we were regulars at the library when I was growing up, so may have read him.
I'll have to check into that one - thanks Holly!

JensMom said...


Thank you, thank you, for the AMAZING love gift!!
You touched mine and my daughter's heart so deeply by thinking of us, too! We cant wait for our first cold evening, maybe when the "boys" are out, to have a special girl's night! Woohoo!!

Love and Blessings to You, Dear One!
Tracy & Jenna

Momma Bug said...


I am delighted to know that box got to Cali and to YOU gals!

I am just honored to be the giver of the LORD's hug to you all:-)

When I pray for dear Suzanne, I think of ALL your household. Thanks for being such a practical witness of the Church - people who love and serve and obey Jesus.

I love you too!