Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Boys Growing Up

(The Colorado Rockies as seen from Red Robbin)

Lately there's been table talk about the possibility of NOT getting married.
Not by me (it's a little late for that) but by three or four children.

It seems they all want to live at home with mom and dad indefinitely, which I view as pure success on the
"mom-isn't-such-a-stick-in-the-mud" front.

But then again... it's probably dad they want to keep around. He's the guy who takes everyone to Red Robbin for a Saturday lunch, lets them leave with balloons and candy, then takes them to the library, plays Pool and Ping-Pong with them, and lets them stay up late.
How can you compete with a parent like that?

But back to celibate children.

Only Olivia stuck to her plans of getting married one day. It may be because she wants to be a momma, and everyone knows you need a daddy for that.
Everyone else though? Vetoed their previous plans in favor of living with us forever - despite our offer for them to bring their spouses into our home:-)

Dad and I suggested they might change their minds when some lovely young lady or daring young man entered into the picture.

We just didn't realize how soon that might happen...

Last night we had the pleasure and privilege of hosting our first Colorado contacts for dinner. We had met this family several times, attended church gatherings along-side them, and gotten to know the dad, Dr. Scott through some chiropractic treatments. He was the one who helped us so much when Carolina was a tiny little shrimp.
Alas because of babies, and sickness, and out-of-town-ness, we had never gotten our families together before last night.

To the point of this rambling story:

Dr. Scott and his bride have FIVE beautiful, smart, and spunky daughters.


My boys were especially impressed;-)

By the end of our delightful evening with them, both boys had chosen wives (I didn't ask if the feeling was mutual) and the cogs were turning in regards to their plans for the future.

Each son wanted to know just "how old do you have to BE to get married?"
Apparently they had forgotten about the part where they live with ME for the rest of their lives.
That or they were smart enough not to tell their prospects they'd be moving in with the In-Laws immediately following their nuptials! It might be difficult to win the hand of an intelligent maiden if she has that kind of information.

Anyhow, I couldn't have been more pleased with their choice of a good woman.
And to follow that up, I am rather glad that the day of their "being old enough" is still a little ways out. I'd like to keep them to myself as long as possible!

I must admit that today a couple boys looked a little older than they did yesterday.
It seems that the effects of a sweet girl are far reaching, and perhaps,
capable of turning a boy into a man:-)


Jess said...

Hehe, how cute! I've told Billy he can get married when he has a good job with a steady income and at least a DEPOSIT for a house. That should keep him at home until he is at least, oh, ten!

Christabelle said...

My son's interested in going back to Washington to find the girl from his MOPS group. Upon finding out how old he has to be to get married he declared he would "knock on every door in Washington" to ask if she was there!

2homeschool said...


J said...

Hmmm...everybody with young boys has their eyes on Dr. Scotts girls! ;) Sounds like a wonderful time, and how cute to hear their talk of marriage!


Momma Bug said...

Yes, I suspect there will be a little competition when the time comes to sweep those girls off their feet! Good luck and the best to YOUR boys, but if that falls through, I happen to have a couple lovely daughters...

J said...

Oh no worries, we've our eyes on your too! I've told you what I think of that little Olivia! We've got 3 boys here so far you know!! They are already saving for their first house. :) Maybe we can split Dr. Scott's girls. Tee Hee Hee

Grace McHugh said...

We have our eyes on two of those little girls so the race is on. ;)

J said...

Yes, Grace and I have 2 children that are not allowed to marry each other b/c they are too much alike. Actually, our first borns are also very much alike, but they are both boys so we are safe there. ha ha ha
I'm still holding out hope to somehow be related to her one day!

Grace McHugh said...

I am praying for J to have another girl so my three year old would have another possible match. :) And remember we are having a girl next year!

princessmama said...

So cute! And crazy. They grow up so fast.

Joshua has a wife picked out. We fully approve of his choice...but...The only problem is she is about 13 years older, LOL!