Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My darling sparkle!

One month old today.
I will continue to measure in weeks for as long as I dare. Once he gets to be thirty-seven weeks though, or fifty-eight, or one hundred and thirteen... it gets a little awkward for people to translate.

Poor little Bryce guy! He is at the peak of baby acne right now (you're not missing much with this colorless picture of him). It looks very uncomfortable; so much so that I actually googled baby acne just to see if I was missing something.
Thankfully I was reassured that it hits hardest at about four weeks - also the peak time for gas bubbles and fussiness.
And check again.

A content baby, Bryce is. However yesterday he was at that "peak fussiness". I don't know if it was one of the usual things I eat, or did I eat something different? The pork ribs? Hot dogs?
I don't know, but it seemed reasonable to fast from a few of the common culprits today and see if that made any difference.

And so, today I was super duper good and didn't eat any dairy, coffee, or chocolate.
(GASP!) I know.
It was a serious sacrifice, but the good news is that I love Bryce MORE than chocolate!

*Bryce if you read this one day when you are a grown man, be assured that it's the greatest compliment I know to be set on a pedestal with chocolate!

I can deal with spit-up, but when baby is clearly hurting and the spit looks like cottage cheese, I am willing to adjust my habits.

Today he was much better than yesterday, so if all goes well tonight (will he sleep well?) I will replace those forlorn foods that I favor, starting with Safeway Rocky Road ice cream!! HA!

(Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be the ice cream!?!)

In other news, Bryce is beginning to offer bits of smiles for me :-)
His neck is very strong, and he likes to lift it when on his tummy or against my shoulder.
His crop of baby hair has a fair bit of curl to it - more so than any of the other children had.
I expect it to fall out and come in another color, just as those who came before him, but you never know! I'm still rooting for a little Bug with nut brown hair; maybe this will be the one? :-)
I don't know what else to say. He's a little like Mary Poppins "practically perfect in every way"!
I close with that, as this post is getting rambly (if that's a word), which is because I am blogging long as a diversion from *the * ice cream * in * the* freezer ***

You know... I'm pretty sure it wasn't the ice cream that upset him... yep.
I'm almost certain!


2homeschool said...

I am out of rocky road. :-( And no hubby to run after some, so I feel your pain.


Ps. Cuttie Patutie baby you got there. Loven the pictures. :-)

Momma Bug said...

Oh, you CANNOT run out of that stuff!
It is to my great delight and relief that the grocery store nearest to us is a Safeway! ;-)

Miss you!

Jess said...

Psst, can I tell you a secret Analene?

Keep it close to your chest 'cause other than Beloved and I, there are only two other people in the world that know this, but I figure you're safe 'cause you are half a world away and aren't about to spoil the surprise for anyone here.

I should be experiencing the joys of "Peak Fussy Time" in about, oh, eight months time :-D

Fingers crossed it's NOT the icecream and he is STILL adorable!

Momma Bug said...

Congratulations Jess!!!
Peak fussiness and all - that's the best of news:-)


Grace McHugh said...

He is soooo beautiful Analene.

Jana said...

Gasp! No more ice cream!?! Much sympathy sending your way! If you get desperate, coconut chocolate ice cream sometimes his the spot when I was depriving myself for Evie's sake. :) They even make it in cookie dough. But I sure hope it's not dairy for your sake!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Bryce! (and you too...NO CHOCOLATE!!!! Ack! Say it ain't so!)

I may have to join the ranks. Our new munchkin appears to have hit puberty waaay ahead of schedule (you're right, it looks painful) and has already become acquainted with the glories of Mylicon.

Many prayers for your baby's tummy (and that it is NOT the workings of rocky road) ;-)