Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And They Climbed the Hill Together

It was a steep hill, but what is an uphill climb in good company?

Olie and Lina.
They have been building a friendship.

Olie gets in Lina's space perhaps a bit too much and a bit too often;
but Lina, she is perfecting the art of whacking her sister when sister is turned the other way.

Despite these complex altercations, whenever Olie puckers her lips and puts her face near to Lina's, little sister returns the affection heart and soul every time!

I don't understand it; I certainly can't explain it; but I love it!

And I sure enjoy spying on them when they're least aware, and witnessing the steady progress of a sisterhood blossoming into more than the bond created by genetics.

A double blessing tenderly cultivated that will last a lifetime!

Then there are these two.

Clay and Sue.

They've already discovered the pleasure and benefit of sweet companionship.

They know how to climb a hill together.

They understand the delight of sharing discoveries with someone else.

They appreciate good conversation.

Once upon a time, I declared that I might have one child, I might have two, I might even have five , six, or ten, but I would prefer not to stop at three!

Because with three there is always an odd man, and that guy is usually on the outs.

It's not that I think every child needs a partner, but I know that if two are playing well together it makes a difference if that "third" child isn't the only child NOT involved.
Don't ask me why it's so, but it seems generally to be the case.

I just love the pictures posted tonight not because they're great, but because they've captured the essence of (only) two combinations in our household which inspire and delight me!

Olie and Lina are one pair and Clay and Sue another; but there are great dynamics created by every combination: Zack and Lina, Clay and Olie, Olie and Sue, Zack and Clay, Sue and Lina, and soon little Bryce will be adding another person to the mix.
Another unique personality. What will he think funny, valuable, clever...?

I bet we could have cultivated some wonderful friendships with "just" three children, but I'm so glad it wasn't the Lord's plan for us to stop there! The beauty in this chaos is too wonderful to describe.

He is certainly very creative, and far too good to us.

All glory to Him!!


pam said...

So sweet and inspiring. So full of the joys of motherhood. Such a good example of something that is vanishing away; family, a mom at home: enjoying and tenderly watching over, and the small but significant treasures that are found therein.

You will have no regrets in this calling, my young sister in Christ. You are the hero to many!

Lady Jess said...

What a fun little family! Yes, it is too true that there is often an odd man out. How wonderful it is that your kids have such a strong companionship, and not only because they are siblings. Too often siblings don't have that friendship with each other and you are truly blessed to have that with your kids, indeed!

princessmama said...

Love, love, love this post Analene! :-)

Cousin Kimberley said...

Hmmmm.. as one of three (and the middle child to boot) I find your thoughts interesting. The dynamics of three siblings is amazing, blessed and complex. We are three of a kind that are so different. Your children are all so beautiful and intelligent, I am glad you didn't stop at three! We cant wait to meet Carolina and Bryce someday.
Love you so very much....

Momma Bug said...

Dearest Kim,
It makes my little heart go pitty-pat to get your comments. I have missed you and your family!
I have had Aunt Mary on my mind and heart many many a time and I'm praying for her.
I really should get on the phone and call you - just to hear your familiar voice.
Clayton wants to fly out to visit Granny when we have our date (promised once he completes his Math workbook). I tell him California is a bit far for a date, but he is unconvinced.
I can't blame him:-)

We all miss YOU all!!!

Love you dear Cousin:-)