Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Tradition

Starting this year:

First good blizzardy snow (can "blizzardy" be a word?) , we make snow cones!

The little Bugs and I found that Colorado snow is dry and fine and wanted to melt immediately when the juice concentrate was applied, so we had to settle for bowls.
I suspect that Idaho snow is wetter, so maybe it will hold a nice shape and not melt so fast?
Christabelle, you had better try this with your kiddies and tell us how Alaska snow works!

Even though we were slightly snowed in (which means no one wanted to dig out the driveway) and could have felt trapped, and despite the fact that it wasn't technically in a cone, our "Pineapple snow" was a super-duper big success!!


Sarah said...

When we lived in CO we loved the snow there. Then we moved back to CA we ended up in the in-laws house which sits at 3300ft in the lower Sierras. It is SOOO true...the Sierras have cement, Colorado has fluff. I've heard Utah is somewhere in between, but closer to CO and Idaho snow is wet and heavy like CA.

Shauna said...

What a great idea 'Lene! Heidi will be thanking you for sharing this soon I think. We'll probably have to settle for bowls as our snow is such powder you can't even form a snowball or build a snowman with it. boo.

2homeschool said...

Yum... That looks good. Want to share??? You think it would make it through the mail. ;-)

Zimmerman Family said...

Hmmmm ... we should try some snow cones up here in Alaska. I think my husband's family has done it before. We can have either wet snow or dry snow. None yet so far this year! But it's been flurrying in all of the areas around us, so we're expecting some any day!


P.S. I'm working on starting a blog for our family, but haven't quite gotten is started yet!

Momma Bug said...

Woo-hoo Lauren! I can't wait to see it:-)