Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Big 500

This is it: Momma Bug's five hundredth post!

I wish I was one of those fun bloggers that offer prizes and such hoopla, but I'm too lazy.
That, or too busy (I prefer the latter).
I haven't made birth announcements for Bryce yet, I have two Christmas stockings to complete (after I start them), and Carolina's birthday on Friday for which I almost forgot!

I think the deserving public will just have to put up with words and pictures, as that seems to be the only thing I'm good for in the world of blogging;-)

Five zero zero huh? A good time to reflect on the reasons I started my blog.
I began to read blogs a little bit just two years ago. I was previously ignorant of the wonderful world of blogging, but when introduced to a couple blogs written by sweet mothers of many, I was hooked!
How inspiring to read what works for other gals in my shoes.
How encouraging to know they have the same struggles I do.
How thankful I am to take these little peeks into their lives!

I began my own blog some months later once landed in a new home far from loved ones.
This blog was started and has been maintained primarily for the purpose of keeping connected with those we love and who miss being involved in our lives.
The content has been mainly journal type entries and pictures of the children because they really do grow like weeds!

I usually don't know which of my precious family reads my blog; they are not the ones to comment, yet I post for them. In doing so, I have grown a readership outside that sphere which has astonished me. I am amazed that anyone besides doting Aunts and Grandma's would regularly take pleasure in being a fly on MY humble wall!
And so with that knowledge, voiced in your own comments, I have come to find inspiration and delight in posting more of my heart and soul.
That may not be as often as I post pictures of cute little Bugs, but I love to go deeper when I can steal the time for it!

I can't tell you how dear your friendships have become to me. It baffles me how the Lord is not bound by time, by space, or circumstance.
I can't wait to meet you all in person some day!

The lovely shawl I am wearing in the picture at top, was lovingly made by my new friend in Arizona, Holly Days. She sent to me in celebration of Bryce's birth.
Thank you sweet friend! I love it!

With a grateful heart,


pam said...

We are blessed to get a taste of your life, Analene. God uses your blog posts in ways you'll never know. You inspire and lift up motherhood at it's best.God bless you.

Lady Jess said...

*buzzzzzzz* Yes, I am blessed to be a fly on the wall of you life, Momma Bug! Thanks for sharing you daily happenings with us humble insects! *buzzing away*

gramsie said...

You can never know how much the blogs and pix giving us an almost daily peek into your lives, and helping us keeping up with those rapidly growing little ones has meant since you left Chico, dearest Ana! Thanks from the depths of our hearts...

Mama K. said...

I'd like to thank you as well! I've really enjoyed hearing your thoughts and seeing my nieces and nephews in all their adventures. I've also enjoyed getting to know YOU and who you really are (which can be hard to do at family get-togethers). Thanks for sharing yourself and your family with us sis! and CONGRATS on 500 posts!!