Monday, October 12, 2009

Gramsie Brought Beads

So now, momma is the most bejeweled woman east of the Rockies! You may have seen a sampling of my new adornments in the previous post, but that is only a small portion of my new collection;-)

This is just priceless though:

Susanna Glory made a miniature bracelet for her baby brother!

I was really impressed - making something that tiny is not easy!

As you can see, Bryce himself was surprised to be the recipient of such sweet generosity;-)


princessmama said...

How cute! He really does look surprised :) I love the sibling interactions you've been posting. You are raising up a beautiful family Momma bug!

Momma Bug said...

Thank you dear Sarah:-)

As you well know, I cannot truly take the credit for the Lord's faithful work - despite me.

I am extremely grateful for His gracious gifts and the few victories I have, but again, all glory to Him, and I hope and pray that time will test this work out to fruitful completion.

I love ya!

petersonclan said...

So sweet... great memories. :)

Would you e-mail me? petersonclan at momys dot net. I wanted to ask you something and cannot find your e-mail.