Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carolina Turns Two!!

My once-in-a-lifetime two-year birthday celebration started off great, as you can see!
That is... after I woke up on the wrong side o my bed and had to go back there to sleep off my grumps. (Boo.)

My brothers and sisters knew just what I would want:


My very OWN balloon!

And then there was a horn...

I really worked at it, and while I never did get any good toots out if it,

It was still a ton of fun to blow into!
And made for some cute pictures:-)

Now. Let me tell ya. It's not every day that a tiny girl like me gets her own balloon with the string still attached! I was just the BEST PRESENT EVER!

This green pail was pretty nifty (but to be honest, I forgot about it in all the glory of having my own balloon).

Big brother Z drew this birthday card for me. Watch out Momma! It looks like you have some up and coming competition!

Since I am a big sister now, I thought I should show baby brother my balloon and tell him all about the significance of it being still attached to the string.
With high ceilings, if your balloon gets away from you...
Bye-bye balloon! :-(
He took it all in.
I think he gets it.

Momma let us make play dough. She got her recipe from Auntie Shauna in the far North.
Auntie Shauna KNOWS what makes a little girl's heart go pitty-pat. Just look at the kind of fun that goes on at HER house!!

Only one thing Auntie Shauna...
That big glob of dough I taste-tested was NASTY!
Must one add so much SALT?

Thankfully (with the aid of some juice) I recovered, (somewhat jaded) to complete my culinary masterpiece.

Recipe for Play Dough as posted by Auntie Shauna in her blog "Dirt In My Oven, Grass In My Blender"
(Doesn't her blog name make you want to visit? You should!)

Mix together:
1cup flour
1TBSP alum -or - 2tsp. cream of tarter
1/2 cup salt
1TBSP oil
1 cup water

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until mixture clumps together and reaches the consistency of mashed potatoes. (It took about 6 minutes on my stove). Remove from heat.

If desired, add 2tsp. vanilla to make it smell yummy, and food coloring. Mix with hands, this is the fun part!

Our cake pictures are from the weekend previous when Gramsie made a Chocolate Cheesecake for me:-)
Now THAT was tasty - much more so than the play dough!!

It was a wonderful day!

I'd be happy to turn two any time!!


Shauna said...

Happy Birthday Carolina!
Has it really been over two years since I saw your family?!
I'm sorry the play dough was a little salty, but I'm sure your momma gave you other yummy things to compensate - and just look at all the colors she let you make! What a wonderful momma you have!

pam said...

Oh so precious.

princessmama said...

Happy Birthday Carolina :) Looks like you had a lovely day. Hurrah for balloons and playdough,and siblings to share it all with, what more could a two year old ask for :)

The Munck Family said...

Happy Birthday Miss Caroline, what fun it is to be 2!!

What a very cute post and it looks like you have a great day with your family!

Lady Jess said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Sounds like you had one big celebration there! I am glad to hear that you had fun. The balloon does look like a blast! ^_^

heidi said...

Oh my so many congratulations!!! Carolina's b-day, the birth of your son! Congratulations to all!!! It's been a while since I've read all the blogs I like to read. I've obviously got some catching up to do. :)