Monday, October 26, 2009

We Are SO Loved!!

Dearest Shauna,

A package arrived here some few days ago.
It was addressed to EVERYONE!!
How DO you do it? You made each person in the Bug household feel special and very loved:-)

I was just tickled pink to receive a Shauna Original diaper bag!!!

(How did Heidi part with it? She must have loved the colors!)

I will certainly give it a test drive and keep you posted on it's success. I love the size; the colors; the love sewn in...
You blessed me more than words can say. Thank you dear friend!

I have to tell you: in a nutshell, all my children were ready to go to church the NEXT DAY just so they could bring their new crayon carriers:-)

Keep in mind that it was maybe TUESDAY when we opened your package!
I assured them that they could try them out before Sunday...
So they did. Immediately!

Thank you! Our socks have been officially "blessed off" :-D


Shauna said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your goodies! I realized after I sent it off that I neglected AJ, you'll have to appologize for me. I was thinking I really should have added a cassarole or two for him. =) Thankyou for letting me see everyone enjoying their treats! Did I remember to tell you that if you pull the straps on the side of the bag it becomes a backpack? It seemed there were quick jaunts for which I wanted a shoulder bag, and longer hauls for which I wanted a backpack, so I made it both.
I DO love you all!

2homeschool said...

Lene, I love the birthday shots! Those are so great!

Shauna, How are the other aunties supose to keep up with you? ;-) Your skills are unmatchable. :-)

Momma Bug said...

Yes. I think he may never recover from not having his own crayon roll.
Some church services are harder to get through than others ;-)
I'm pretty sure he'll forgive you for not sending casseroles...

Now, you two know there will never be any competition for place of favorite Auntie. There is one Auntie Heather spot (which only YOU can fill) and one Auntie Shauna spot (only filled by Auntie Shauna).
You are two of my favorite people:-)


I love ya!

Shauna said...

Heather, I agree with Analene. There's no competition!
The great thing about the body of Christ is that we each only have to be who God has called us to be, and we all compliment each other. We certainly couldn't get along without you!

Lady Jess said...

Awwww! How cute!

2homeschool said...

Ah, you two... It was meant to come out as a complement... Your handywork miss shauna is unmatchable as is unbeatable as in unbeleivable. :-)

Love you both.