Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brilliant Art by Beaming Bugs; and One Beautiful Baby!

I can't remember what Sue told me this picture was about, but I was enthralled by all the beautiful color and knew I had to have it on the wall by my desk!

After several years of requiring that someone more experienced than himself draw his pictures for him (after which he'd trace over the pre-drawn lines...)
Zachary is finally branching out and attempting to draw what he sees, and I am totally impressed! This Grizzly is from a photo in one of Zack's favorite books called "North American Animals".

As for this guy, look at his HAIR! Had to try to capture a photo of this hair for posterity's sake.

He's pretty darn hard to take!


Pam said...

Wow, Zachary is very artistic; like his mommy. That is really good!

Baby sure has lots of hair. Most of mine have been baldies!
Keep looking to Jesus. God bless your day, Analene.

J said...

Wow, now those are some beautiful drawings! That bear and tree are wonderful. And that hair...oh my! Fabulous! I love babies with hair! None of mine have had quite THAT much! All yours like that?

Momma Bug said...

I'm telling you, they come with hair but... with cradle cap, it falls out in clumps (yuck!) so I shave or cut it off (about three months).
Then, I have to get used to a tow-headed little fuzz bucket!
It's a sad adjustment for me;-)

We'll see... little Bryce could be the exception.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet curly hair! Our boys came out with silky mops too and have also had to deal with that oh, so lovely (please sense the sarcasm) cradle cap. Our oldest was 4 months for his first hair cut. Strangers couldn't stop commenting on what a darling girl we had- ha! So sad to see the silky hair go, but so fun to watch them grow into little men. :-)

Can't wait until my little guys are making drawings to hang up by MY desk. What creative kiddos you have!

2homeschool said...

Oh, my goodness! What hair!

They drawings were pretty cool too!

Very nice.

I already posted this on my page but, I know you don't always get a chance to go look. This was our front page of our news paper.

(Look for someones name under a picture.)

Lots of love, Me

2homeschool said...

ps. the little picture. :-)

Ps. Ps. you can click on it to make it bigger.